Maintaining A Garage – Not As Easy As It Sounds

Posted on Apr 21 2015 - 12:20pm by Editorial Staff

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Do you have a garage in your home? For many of us, having a garage is a necessity that comes with owning a car. However, it’s the maintanence that often is an issue. Is there a remote conrol glitch? Does the garage springs need to be cleaned?  Has the garage door developed a glitch in the system?

Buying a car comes after making a significant investment and requires you to be careful while using it to help keep it in good condition for years to come. But with a car comes the biggest worry of finding the right place to park it i.e. in your garage. A private garage in your home is just what you need to ensure that your car stays safe, and you can access it anytime of the day or night especially at times of an emergency.

What do the statistics say?

The growth of personal garages has increased tremendously over the years which can be seen by the statistics that follow. In the 1960’s only around 60 percent of the homes had a garage of their own. By the year 2010, more than 93 percent of the newly-built single-family homes boasted of a garage while 84 percent of the existing homes had a garage of their own. Also, 4 out of every five garages have been found out to be attached to the individual’s home.

One-car or Two-car Garage

Regardless of the fact as to what kind of a car you have or what your needs are, a garage has become an absolute necessity in recent times. Around 53 percent of lower-income homeowners have accounted for a garage of their own. The numbers shoot up to 99 percent when we take into consideration high-income home owners having a personal garage.

How do you maintain it?

The garage itself must be cleaned regularly to keep it free from dirt, dust, insects and germs and the shelves and drawers cleaned from time to time for a clean and tidy look. You can maintain the garage door on your own easily and ensure that it stays in good working condition for many years. It also prevents any accidents, mishaps and severe injuries from occurring and your property, and the car remains undamaged. All you need to do is use the right equipments and parts and change anything that is no longer working properly.

Studies reveal that in the year 2007 over 13,000 garage door accidents took place and resulted in serious injuries and damage. Accidents caused due to faulty or old garage doors can cause people to suffer from dangerous falls, limb amputations, and other serious mishaps.

It is important that you check all the hardware items and moving parts such as rollers, cables, and springs from time to time and change wore off or broken parts. Also, all moving parts should be periodically lubricated with an aerosol spray lubricant and then cleaned before use.

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