4 Ways To Improve Company Culture

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

The success of any company depends primarily on its employees. How can you expect your employees to do their best for your company if you do not willing to return the favour? Many companies think that it is enough to pay salaries to its workers for them to be happy and satisfied but that is not enough. Workers that are not rewarded for their good work won’t give you anything more than they are paid for. Would you? This doesn’t mean that you need to increase salaries of ally employees to make sure they give you 110%. There are many bonuses that are not associated will salary the will give even better results. Most of the employees agree that good working atmosphere is essential for their happiness. They want to work in a place that encourages them to grow with collaborating colleagues and bosses whom they can turn for help. Did you know that happy employees are on average 31% more productive? If that is not good enough reason for improving working atmosphere and company culture, then what is?

You should offer them on-site medical services, a child – care center, fitness center and regular health screening. This won’t take a lot of money or even time but it will mean a lot to your employees. There is a lot of other things you can do to improve company culture and to have more satisfied and productive workers. Did you know that by promoting teamwork and camaraderie you will improve morale and productivity in your company? For example, 87% employees of Walker & Dunlop agree they enjoy their colleagues and workplace. This is because company organizes events like parties, picnics and formal dinners and even social activities like baseball, bowling and classes during work hours. Check out this useful infographic to get more excellent tips on improving company culture.


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