How To Find The Best TV Stand For A Small Living Room

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TV stand for your setup comes down to two key factors: the size of the TV and the room. In this article, I will talk about small living spaces and how to fit the TV system into them.

The distribution of finished floor space in new homes has always been a subject of discussion because the standard data has always shown the average size of homes and not individual spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and baths and so on. In small homes with an average size under 2,000 square feet, bedrooms take a big share of the finished floor space at around 29% followed by living rooms, kitchens and family rooms at between 11 and 12% each. Using these figures, the average size of a small living room ranges between 180 to 200 square feet. This is actually not much compared to that of large living rooms that average between 280 and 300 square feet.

When buying furniture, many people only think about the shape, color and material factors which highly depend on personal preferences. What they completely forget about is the size of furniture which is subject to the size and shape of the room. So, before you commit to buying a TV stand for your small living room, make sure that it fits and complements the space that you have.

The ideas of traditional living room décor do not apply to small spaces

Everyone wants an ideal living room which is compact, cute and comfy. When it comes to small living rooms, you will need to supersize your space using clever design tricks that will leave it feeling proportionate and more spacious. One thing that you should never do is to cram too much furniture into your small space or use bulky furniture that makes it hard to move around.

The use of multi-functional furniture is necessary for small living spaces to clear away any clutter. A coffee table can double as a storage bin while lidded stools can provide more storage space.

A small living room will also be warm and inviting if you make the most of natural lighting. This is possible with minimal window dressing, use of wall mirrors and using furniture with reflective surfaces. You also need to keep it meticulously tidy by putting everything in its proper place. For instance, you can use floating shelves to hold things on a wall or on alcoves or floor-to-ceiling shelves and cupboards to make use of every available space.

Which is the best TV stand for your small living room?

The living room is a place for relaxation and entertainment, and one of the most important furniture is your entertainment unit. Depending on your preference, shape and the size of your room, you may opt for an entertainment center, TV armoire, media chest or a TV stand. Small and moderate size TV stands are ideal for small living spaces since they are the simple and host most TV sizes. They are also easy to set up, easy to move around and provide more shelves for extra storage space. They should, however, support your unit well and compliment the rest of your living room furniture. There are different types of best buy TV stands that are ideal for small spaces including the following:

Corner TV stand

Corner TV stands are triangular in shape, and they are ideal for a small living room since they consolidate all media components into a small area. You can choose a cabinet corner TV stand which can provide a storage capacity of a full-size entertainment center while taking less floor space in your living room.

Narrow TV stand with open shelving

Having a small living space does not necessarily mean that you have a small TV set. A large TV will fit into a small space if you use a narrow style TV stand with open shelving to make it feel lighter, neat and stylish.


TV stands with singular, and holistic shapes are popular especially for stylish small living spaces. They come in different designs, sizes and materials with places for AV components and wire management cutouts. Those with cabinets have plenty of media storage while other designs feature electric fireplace inserts.

TV stand with flat screen panel mounts

An entertainment center allows you to mount TV stand to it, but that would be a bulky option for a small living space. A good alternative is to use a TV stand with screen panel mounts since they are ideal for small spaces and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and stock shelves for your media storage.

TV stand materials

It is true that space is a significant consideration when looking for a TV stand for small living space, but that does not mean overlooking other aspects like material and design.

Contemporary TV stand units are mostly made of metal and glass while modern units are generally made of wood. Both of them feature crisp, clean line finishes and little ornamentation. You also have an option of traditional wooden units with turned legs and top crown moldings or simply cottage units that are made of light wood.

Making the final decision

For small living space, the most important consideration when buying any piece of furniture is space. For this reason, you need to have both the measurements of your TV and your room. Most TV stands denote the size of the TV that they can hold and you can only buy a TV stand if you have enough floor space for it. This should take into consideration the plenty of space that is needed between the viewer and the TV.

It is very easy to go wrong when it comes to buying the right furniture for your small living space. The choice of your TV stand can either enhance or worsen the feeling and look of your living space.  Get a moderately sized TV stand which will also act as a bookshelf or cabinet and make sure that it is neither too high nor too low to avoid straining when watching your favorite programmes or movies.

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