6 Things To Know Before Renting A Scooter On Vacation

Posted on Aug 2 2018 - 3:33pm by Editorial Staff

Becoming wanderlust without any set plans or itinerary is an amazing experience. Discovering the countryside on a scooter can give you an amazing life experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. You can zoom around the quieter beaches and explore the beautiful landscapes at your own pace. Although this ‘new-found freedom’ can be thrilling, treacherous roads and extreme climate can be daunting. However, a broke scooter in the midst of a lonely one-way path can be a nerve-racking ordeal. There are many unforeseen incidents which can be avoided if you are chary and armed with information. Here are 6 things to know before renting a scooter on a vacation.

Get a Bike Based on your Ability

It’s advisable that you choose a bike or scooter based on your capability rather than keeping your wish and desire in your mind. You may wish for a Kawasaki but you don’t even know how to ride a moped, in that case, it will be your foolishness to rent a fast bike. So, it’s expected to keep your desire at bay and invest in something practical.

Check Before Renting

Don’t believe your Vespa rental agency blindly as your little negligence can cost you your life. While renting you should check whether the brakes, lights and clutches are working properly, if the bike you are renting is registered and other safety policies. It’s advisable that you rent a bike along with helmets, even though you may not look good in it.

Worn out tires have years which can’t withstand the pressures. Further, their grooves lose their depth because of which they can’t get enough grip during speed driving.  Before renting a Vespa, check for engine oil leaks and worn out tires. It would be wise of you to photograph the scooter from various angles lest the renting agency shifts the blame on you for any damage.

Get Your Scooter Gear

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, one should be wary of the consequences of accidents. So, you should wear a helmet with face guard while riding. A jacket and gloves can protect your arms and palms in case you have a bad crash because these are the first thing to hit on the pavement. Don’t use a flip-flop for riding. Boots are ideal to protect your feet.

Get Versed with Road Signals

Although some road signals are universal, it is better to get versed with the local traffic signals lest you face a rough consequence. Different countries have different traffic rules. For example, if you have travel experience in Central Europe like France and Germany, driving on the roads of the UK may be a nightmare for you. Contrary to that in Central Europe, in the UK you have to plow your scooter on the left side of the road. Roundabouts and round turns are not intuitive and you have to get the help of your renting agency to help you with road signals.

On Road Safety Tips

Ensure that you are in possession of a driving license. If you don’t have one, your insurance company may not pay out in case of an accident. You must be a traffic idiot if you forget the basic road safety tips like not driving beyond the permitted speed limit, not taking selfies while riding etc. You must always on the lookout for unexpected elements. If you are riding a scooter in India in the countryside, it is highly expected that you encounter stray animals loitering here and there. You may bump into them or skid while using the panic brake.

Rental Agreement

Before heading out for the coveted long journey, ensure to get a copy of your rental agreement and the phone number of the shop owner. You can even ask him to send a soft copy to your email or social media account. You can ask the owner to mention the damaged parts or scratches on the rental agreement.

Scooters are smaller than most other vehicles and they lack the power to be steered as fast as motorbikes. Hence, they are extremely safe to drive. Next time you are off to a scenic landscape, do ensure to enjoy its serenity on a scooter.

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