7 Golden Rules For Keeping A Small Space Organised

Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

Life in a small apartment can sometimes be overwhelming. You surely have some amusing stories to tell about your apartment. Has it ever happen to you that one of your guests thought that your bedroom is actually a closet? Is you flat that big that you can wash dishes while sitting on your couch? No matter how small your apartment is, you actually do love it and want it to look the best it can. You try to make that place more homey by finding amazing furniture pieces but in most cases the size of your flat doesn’t allow you to bring anything new. This is a sad fate of all people living in small apartments. Unfortunately, you can’t change the size of your apartment overnight. But you can make a variety of changes that will allow you to keep it better organized and make it look larger.

When furnishing a small space you need to pick all the furniture wisely. Unfortunately, most often you can’t buy the first thing you fall in love with. The truth is that you just can’t afford to waste space on furniture that does not serve for more than one purpose. Try to squeeze a sofa and a large bed in the studio apartment and you will figure out that you are fighting a battle you will lose. Make smart choices and your life will be a lot easier. You can use a trunk as a coffee table which will give you extra storage and also stylish decoration in your room. You have surely seen that amazing decorating idea in the pages of all fashion magazines. Certainly you can also manage to achieve that ultimate design look in your small apartment and make all your friends jealous. Check out this great infographic for more great ideas about keeping your small place organised.


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