Greek Police Arrested Three ‘Teen’ Anonymous Members Over Hacking Of The Greek Ministry Of Justice Site

Posted on Feb 21 2012 - 5:40am by Editorial Staff

If you remember in protest against the controversial ACTA treaty, Hacker group Anonymous hacked the Greek Ministry of Justice Site; the Greek police’s Cybercrime division has arrested an eighteen-year-old and even also identified two other teenagers it accuses of having defaced the Greek Ministry of Justice Site – even the hacker group warned the authorities that it will take down over 300 media and ministry sites if it does not reverse its course of action.

According to press release, the accused, arrested an 18-year old Austrians, in Athens, under the act of committing process and formed the file which also includes two young nationals, aged 16 and 17 years – all high school students, who are accused of illegal access to computer systems.

The all three teenagers are charged with unauthorized access under 370 of Greece Penal Code – the Greek Cybercrime division has found that electronic traces that reportedly lead to the accused and even claim that they’ve attacked many site in the past – the unit also seized 12 HDD and 3 notebooks – well overall it’s just the start as we felt, as the police continues its investigation to find other group members and probably may results in making more arrests in the next days.

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