U.S. National Security Agency: Alerts On Hacker Group Anonymous Power Play

Posted on Feb 21 2012 - 1:45pm by Editorial Staff

According to WSJ report, the director of National Security Agency has stated that the hacker group Anonymous could have the ability to bring about a “limited power” outage through a cyberattack within the next year or two – Gen. Keith Alexander, the director, provided his assessment in meetings at the White House and in other private sessions – while he hasn’t publicly expressed his concerns about the Anonymous potential to disrupt power supplies.

Anonymous Attacks so far:

  • Since from the time when feds knocked out Megaupload last month – the group with 5,635 participants hacked RIAA (the record industry’s lobbying arm), MPAA (the movie industry’s lobbying arm), Universal Music, and the Department of Justice websites.
  • The group continues it strikes with shutting down CBS website for approximately 20 minutes.
  • On January 26, twenty-two states of European Union had attended the ceremony in Japan and signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) – results Copyrightalliance.org was inaccessible after Anonymous set its sights on the Web site for its pro-ACTA stance.
  • Hackers were poking at the sites of the European Parliament and governments in the EU, with plans to dig up information on officials that could be released publicly.
  • The group hacked Greek Ministry of Justice Website in protest against the controversial ACTA treaty.
  • The group hacked FBI and Scotland Yard conference call.
  • Anonymous members also defaced the Boston Police Department’s website which, at time of writing, displays a proxy page.
  • The group announced the period of whole of March as “Black March.”
  • Hacked Haditha Massacre Lawfirm Website, grabs email that defended Marine in Haditha case. The group later released emails hacked from the law firm.
  • The Group hacked 78 Syrian Government email accounts.
  • Turned down CIA.gov
  • Hacked Greece government and police websites

And the more to come:

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