How To Prepare Yourself For Cosmetic Surgery

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 2:02pm by Editorial Staff

Cosmetic Surgery

For many of us plastic surgery is a big deal, and as the day approaches, the jitters start; and there are a million voices in our head saying ‘this was just a bad idea in the first place’, or ‘its not too late to back out’. But put all those voices in the background and follow these simple and easy steps to keep your cool for your surgery, and enjoy the results later.

Knowing the before and after

If your surgeon has not already, then she will in a few days, call you and give you a pamphlet and walk you through what exactly is going to happen during the surgery. If that still does not offer you any solace, you can read up further information online, do some of your own research before your day. For some people getting as much information about the procedure, and really knowing what is going to happen to their works, it helps them calm their nerves.

If you have questions about the surgery don’t feel shy to ask your doctor about it. It always helps to get your doubts answered before the day arrives. Remember, your doctor will not refuse to answer your questions, even though it may sound insane to you at first. If you are not that kind of person, well, read ahead.

Focussing on the positives

Sometimes, and for some people, the gathering information just doesn’t do it. If anything, it deepens the anxiety and the desire to run as far away as possible. Well then, all you have to do is recall why you are getting the procedure done in the first place. Write it down if you will, and weigh the pros against the cons, and then you will feel better about the whole procedure.

Preparing yourself

It is always a good idea to get the anxiety and anxiousness out of the way. Anxiety will lead to stress, and we all know that stress is a big NO NO during an operation. Stress can lead to hypertension and palpitation, all of which are not something your doctor will like either. Lacks of sleep, irritability are a few issues that you might face, before the surgery. What would really help is you try to relax. You could even try meditation and yoga, just to de-stress; you would be surprised how much just meditating will help calm your nerves.

Post-operative preparation

Sometimes it helps to focus on the ‘afterward’, the future. So stack your home with magazines, movies, books, if you like to read to while away all that bed rest time. It is also a good idea to stack up on all the healthy recipes, as well as snacks with low sodium, etc. while post-operative time is also when you would feel drained and low, so it’s a good time to keep yourself positive and happy, reminding yourself again, about the pros of the surgery.

Enjoy the result

After going through the whole rigmarole don’t forget to step back, breath and enjoy the results of your surgery. You will notice that you are beaming with a new confidence to conquer life.

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