What Is It That Consumers Love About Their Favorite Online Stores The Most?

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 8:52pm by Editorial Staff

Most people that use the web these days buy goods and services from specific websites. For example, household goods from Amazon. Pizza from Domino’s. And so on. But, what is it about their preferred sites that people love the most? Here’s a glimpse into what works well in the world of e-commerce:


It doesn’t matter whether a person has a mobile Internet or home broadband connection. What does matter is they can access their favorite sites at lightning speed. As you can imagine, hosting an e-commerce site on a fast webserver is essential. It’s even part of Google’s requirements for top-ranking sites!

Ease of use

No-one wants to use a website that has a complicated layout. They prefer to buy from sites that have easy to navigate pages. Ones with fewer but obvious navigation options. Research has shown that such sites get higher conversion rates and lower abandoned carts.


There’s no point having an e-commerce site if you’ve only got about ten items on it! People want to see a wide range of products and services offered to them.

They also want to see items that complement things they are planning to buy. For example, if your site sells TVs, they might also wish to buy things like games consoles and speakers.

Responsive design

Let’s face it. More of us spend time surfing the web from our smartphones than we do from computers. As a result, when we buy online, we expect sites to work well on our mobile devices.

The infographic below also lists some of the other things we expect to see on a site that helps to earn our trust:

Infographic Created By Red Stag Fulfillment

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