Common Errors People Make When Driving (Avoid At All Costs!)

Posted on Aug 1 2016 - 8:47pm by Editorial Staff

Driving a car is one of the most convenient ways to get around your area. However, driving can be very dangerous and one million people around the world die every year in road accidents. Therefore, you must stay alert and be careful when you are driving your vehicle. Here are some common errors people make when driving that you need to avoid at all costs!

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Driving when you are tired

One common error people make when driving is they continue to drive when they are tired. It can mean they will have less concentration and are more likely to make silly mistakes. They are distracted which means they make dangerous decisions and might not react as quickly. It’s highly recommended that you have a break at least every two hours when you are driving a long distance. There are so many rest stops around which will ensure you can get a coffee to boost you when you are exhausted. Ask your partner to take over if you are feeling exhausted so that you can keep safe.

Texting when they are driving

Another common error people make when driving that you need to avoid is they use their phone to text. It’s so important that you don’t use your phone when driving, as it means you are taking your eyes off the road ahead. One second texting could lead to you ending up causing an accident. In fact, we talked before about the fact that you are 23 times more likely to end up in an accident if you do text when driving. It’s against the law to be texting when driving in many countries. You can use your phone to ring people if you have a bluetooth hands-free system. You can use the GPS as long as it’s fixed to your car, and you don’t touch it while driving.

Driving after having a drink

A common error people make driving that you need to avoid at all costs is drinking before getting in the car. It can lead to you causing an accident as you won’t be in full control of the wheel. So many people think they are okay when they get in the car, but their reaction time declines after drinking. You need to stick to the recommended guidelines when it comes to drinking and driving. If you do get in trouble when drinking and driving, you need to find a good attorney to help you such as Grant Scheiner and his firm Scheiner Law.

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Driving too fast in bad weather

Another common error people make when driving that you need to avoid at all costs is driving too fast in bad weather. You need to alter your driving when the weather turns bad. So many people continue driving at a normal speed, and then end up hydroplaning on wet roads. Also, rain can lengthen the braking distance when you are driving. Therefore, you need to slow down to keep safe.

Make sure you are sitting correctly when you are driving. If you are sitting too far away from the pedals, you might not be able to react quick enough in an emergency situation.

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