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House trends are continually changing. After all, just look at the past century. Once, traditional terraced street houses were in vogue. But today, lots of people prefer contemporary new builds. And the trends don’t just affect the architecture of our property. Interior trends are always changing as well. So whether you have lived in your current home for years or are looking to buy a new pad, here’s a guide. In this blog post, you’ll find a complete roundup of all of 2016’s biggest house trends. Stick to these, and your home will always look one step ahead of the curve.

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The best way to increase the salability of your home is to update its decors. You’ll find this will add value to your home too. You can find out about the value if you read So ready to increase the value of your home? Read on!

Shine Bright With Metallics

And what is one of this year’s biggest interior design brands? Metallics. So don’t be scared about letting all your rooms shine brightly with metallics. Think about adding brass vases, silver photo frames, and gold fringes. You might even want to create an accent wall by painting one completely in metallic paint. This is a super cheap trend that you can do on any budget. That’s because you shouldn’t go over the top with metallics. Adding small shiny touches can make a big difference and will look extremely elegant.

Create Conversations With Decor

In 2016, we’re all trying to start conversations with our interiors and decor. The best way to do this is to make features out of practical items. So, for example, instead of throwing out your empty soup cans, use them as vases for your kitchen herbs. Practical pieces of furniture shouldn’t be boring anymore. Make them the stand-out parts of your rooms. This will get people talking about them, and no one will forget your rooms anytime soon! This trend is a great way to reinvigorate your tired spaces by using the furniture you already own.

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Tech Comes First

Technology is no longer taking a back seat in our homes. In this day and age, we are increasingly reliant on technology in our everyday lives. And in 2016, it is starting to take over our interiors and homes. In a good way! Our homes are becoming smarter thanks to gadgets, such as smart locks and smart thermostats. Not only is technology changing our interiors, but it is also making changes in our lifestyles. Everyday life is becoming a lot more convenient than it was a few years ago. So embrace all the tech and get your home kitted out in some 21st-century gadgetry!

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Paint’s Gone Moody

Another big trend for interiors in 2016 is moody colors. For years, we have been told how fantastic neutral and pastel shades are for our rooms. However, this is the year that our rooms go bolder with moody paint shades. Most of the inspiration for these darker hues is coming from space-age technology. It’s all tied into our ever increasing love of tech! But that doesn’t mean that these cold colors have to make your rooms contemporary. If you prefer vintage styles, darker colors also work well in these softer interiors. There are lots of moody paint shades that work well with nature. So if you are designing a vintage-inspired room, bring plenty of plants inside to help this color trend work with the style.

Stainless Steel Goes Black

Stainless steel has been used in kitchens for decades. But until recently, we’ve only been using silver stainless steel. However, in 2016 the metal is going darker, and we are now using a lot more black stainless steel. Next time you are out shopping for a new refrigerator or oven, you will find that many large appliances for kitchens now come in black. They can help create a refined feel to your kitchen, and will certainly ramp up the chicness.

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Heated Entryways

Have you ever felt a warm gush of air as you enter a store? That’s a mechanism above the doorway that blows out hot air to keep the shop interiors warm and to prevent any cold air from entering from outside. Well, you can now buy these nifty gadgets for your very own home. They can help you keep the chill out in winter and will help to make your house feel super cozy.

No More Bathtubs

Once vintage free-standing bathtubs were all the rage. However, they have fallen out of favor with 2016. People find that they are no longer using the bath as much as they would like to. What with everyone’s busy lives, showers are now extremely popular. So people are starting to get rid of their tubs. It’s a great way to free up space in your bathroom to make it feel a lot bigger than what it actually is. Want to keep hold of your tub? Why not take it into the garden and plant some flowers in it. It’ll make a great talking piece.

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Flowers Get A Granny Makeover

Granny Florals are a big deal in 2016. Floral patterns have never really gone out of fashion. But this year, they are taking a trip back to the 1950s. The patterns that your grandparents would have decorated their home in are now making a comeback. When looking for new patterns, go for bright colors and full blossoms. The bolder, the better. If you aren’t too sure which ones to go for ask yourself whether your granny would like the pattern. Is the answer yes? If so, you should snap it up immediately!

Eco-Friendly Is The Way Forward

Our consciences have finally caught up with us, and more and more people are trying to find eco-friendly ways to decorate their homes. In 2016, sustainability truly is king of interiors. That means using upcycled furniture and appliances wherever possible. When looking for materials to use in your interiors and exteriors, try to find sustainable ones, such as wood.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Dining Rooms

Over the past few years, dining rooms were in decline as more people moved their dining tables into spacious kitchens. However, this is the year that dining rooms reclaim their purpose. It’s time to declutter yours and turn it into a glam space for dinner parties. Not only will an elegant dining room give your whole house a refined atmosphere, but it will also add on some value to your property. You’ll also find that it helps the home sell fast if you ever want to sell up. So it’s time to move the table out of the kitchen and set it up elsewhere!

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Snazzy Bed Linens

Everyone is finally realizing just how boring white bed sheets are. So in 2016 whenever you are out buying bed linen, expect to see lots of exciting colors and patterns on sheets. This is a fantastic trend that can help you add lots of character to your bedroom. Not only that, though, but it also makes your bed the main centerpiece of the room. Huge walk-in wardrobes are starting to take a backseat and putting beds center stage again!

Place Things On A Pedestal

For the past few decades, many of us have used coffee tables as a way to show off ornaments and magazines. However, in 2016, the trend is for smaller pedestal-style table. These are a lot more compact than large coffee tables so won’t take up quite as much space. Not only that, though, but you can also place them right next to each sofa end and armchair. So everyone will now have a table for their cup of tea!

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Desks Are Back

Since laptops have become much more popular than desktops, people have shunned desks in favor of working on the sofa with the laptop on their lap. But expect desks to have made a full comeback by the end of the year. They won’t just be practical features either. Expect them to be decorative and bright, adding an extra detail to the interior of the room. Why not team yours with a matching chair?

Tableware Goes Traditional

Forget your straight-edged teapots and metal jugs. Tableware is the one part of our homes that are going back to traditional styles this year. Think about buying some cute vintage tea sets to really impress all your guests. Don’t forget the tea cosy either! It is also time to bring out your fruit from the kitchen and display it in a grand fruit bowl at the centre of your table. So next time you need to buy crockery, go as elegant as possible.

Hopefully, this should give you plenty of ideas to bring your home up to scratch for 2016. There are so many reasons why keeping your home on-trend will benefit you. If you want to sell, you’ll find it goes quicker. Staying put for a while longer? You will adore your home if it looks like the page of an interior design mag! So time to get decorating now!

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