Classic Literature Travel Guide (Infographic)

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 11:32am by Alexandra Ashton

Don’t do what others do, but not because they’re doing worse mean things and they’re hurting other people because you already know that, of course! We’re not going to dumb you down. We don’t condescend. You know why? Because we read books, and we hope you do, too.

We hope you’re happy with the books that can offer you lives, that can make your life a great and that can provide your imagination some needed nutrition. You should empower yourself by knowing that the books you read right now could be the next solution to the problem of the world. When you read a book, you’re going to spend a day knowing why you’re bored all this life and why you’re really not getting that dreamy thingy job everyone seems talking about.

There’s wisdom in books you could not even imagine of seeing in other forms of media. The whole world owes its important histories to books and all the good television you want right now, including the recently returned The Americans, come from text and wouldn’t be possible without classic literature. There would be no TV show created without classic literature to derive from. That’s how classic literature positions itself today.

Books transform lives, and destroy them just as well. But what’s important is that books can make you experience life, especially that of others. If you read books, you can live the life of dead heroes who are now 100 years old. You can relive the life of Charles Darwin and all others.

You may not have a gold medal in the Olympics, but if you’re reading great classic books, you’d understand why gold medals do mean nothing compared to passion and love. So why don’t you grab your cup of coffee, and start reading this guide on classic history in an infographic.

Classic Literature Travel Guide

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