The Future Of The Credit Card (Infographic)

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 10:29am by Alexandra Ashton

You may have heard or not about customizable credit cards. If not then this infographic is for you. Let’s discuss about the customization possibilities of credit cards one by one.

What would you say if you get an option to design your credit card vertically instead of horizontally? Yes, it would be a different kind of experience for you. It would look more of a diary page instead of a credit card. You can easily pick your card from your wallet among so many other horizontal cards out there. It seems really interesting isn’t it?

You can also go for a Titanium card instead of same, conventional plastic credit cards. These cards are used and known across the globe as invitation only credit cards. The most wonderful thing about this card is it allows unlimited usage. Yes, this type of credit card has no spending limit and it sounds great. So are you going to get your Titanium credit card right now?

You have heard about diamond jewellery but have you ever heard about diamonds crusted credit cards? Surely not and this is the time to know about them in an interesting manner through this infographic. You know in Kazakhstan the top hundred customers get this type of credit card. It is a gold card that is coated with twenty six diamonds. This card has no magnetic strip and therefore it cannot be stolen. You know the diamonds on the credit card equates to 0.17 carats. It really seems so appealing, what is your opinion?

Another option available in terms of credit card customization is scented cards. You might be thinking how impractical it is but it is a fact that you can get a perfumed credit card as well. I would surely go for it as it seems so wonderful. The Germans designed and made these cards for Commerz bank’s customers. You can get varieties in fragrances as well. The card manufacturers offer scents of coffee, orange and cinnamon in an innovative manner. Isn’t it seems dreamy? For more information read this infographic.


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