Dos And Don’ts Of Dinner Dates (Infographic)

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 9:56am by Alexandra Ashton

You’re here because you want to make love to the person you want to date. Your date can be a start of everything good in your life, in your future, in everything. If you find difficulty in figuring out the fact that all the help you can get in the world might not be of your immediate reach and your date’s going to be this weekend already, then an infographic like this, which tells you about dos and don’t of dinner dates is all the help you will need.

Sure, you can be grandiose, serious and have loosened ends of your fake parody ties when you’re out on your date, but of course that must not be enough because hey, what if the previous date of the one you’re dating now is from Mumford and Sons, and that’s too much competition, right? Sure, you can parody the way Jason Sudeikis and the gang did it, but that’s too original for you. What you might need is just a regular version controlled version of you, and you can do that for one night, right? So what you just need right now are just simple reminders to make sure you get that one last date right.

There can be so many tips out there in making sure your date goes well, and in fact if you’ve seen Date Night, or Say Anything or Some Kind of Wonderful, you would know that the best way to do a date is by not being yourself. By doing that, you can be sure that you can’t show the part of your that does the Harlem Shake everyday, the part of you who’s really a bigot but in the most charming Sarah Silverman way and the part of you who really loves Tina Fey as a best friend. These tips are hardcore easy to follow, but what’s easier is these set of tips in this infographic in figuring out a good date.


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Alexandra Ashton, Communications at Neomam Studios , the UK based Infographic Agency. Alexandra is a content and design enthusiast with a keen eye for detail.