Cheap Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

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A honeymoon is an important part of wedding experience. For a young couple, honeymoon is indeed the time to relax and begin their lives together as husband and wife. Every couple desires to make their honeymoon an unforgettable experience without burning a hole in their pocket. The following a list of the unusual and cheap honeymoon destinations where the couples can really enjoy together in privacy.


A full week of outdoor camping is a great way to understand and get to know each other better. With just the nature around it is an opportunity for the spouses to know how they both can survive in the mere basics of life. There are some stunning camping sites out there in the U.S.A where the couples can camp for just $20 to $30 for a week. Camping for honeymoon is totally relaxing and assures gorgeous views of the natural landscapes.

Holiday honeymoon at home

Taking a break for a honeymoon is a totally new concept. Before the advent of 19th century a newly married couple used to stay at home in order to create an opportunity to get to know each other. Just imagine taking a full month off from work and staying at home just focusing on each other. Yes, the thought sounds really romantic and great.

Island retreat

Generally people prefer to go to island destinations for their honeymoon and spend a fortune by staying in one of the luxurious five star hotels or resorts. A cheaper alternative is to book a flight to a beach destination and relax in the sandy beach or inside your car. There is nothing equal to this pleasure and you will really feel like being on heaven.

Fantasy resort

You can also book an ostentatious resort or retreat in your city as this will be comparatively cheaper. You are sure to incur huge savings on flight tickets and other travel costs. Yes, you can pamper yourself to the ultimate in luxury within your city limits itself. If you choose to book a honeymoon package you will get a wide array of complimentary amenities and activities to enjoy and relax.

Travel via road

There is nothing equal to a long journey with your soul mate. It assures a fulfilling experience than a tour to a destination spot. You can opt to rent a luxury car and travel around to a few places of your choice. You can also save on food expenses if you choose to pack your own food and snacks. However, never miss to taste the local food.

Boat cruise

If you are sea loving person a week long cruise can cost you nearly $1500 to $3000 per person. You will also have to bear the to and fro cost from the cruise and most of all you will never have the privacy as you will be always surrounded by people. Hence the best idea is to book a boat and enjoy the thrill of privacy with your love.

Las Vegas trip

If gambling is your way of life there are some cheaper destinations where you can gamble smart. Do not opt for the low odd tables instead focus in the MIT black jet strategies and make big money or indeed win a free trip to your favorite gambling spot across the world.

Secluded themed retreats

There is a wide array of retreats across the globe that caters to specific hobbies that you both are passionate about. You both can take a break at a yoga center, a meditation retreat, a vineyard, a ranch, a trekking adventure or a treasure hunt or whatever event that fascinates you both.

For-a-valuable-cause honeymoon

It is not necessary that you should take a vacation for a honeymoon. You can make your honeymoon experience truly memorable and unforgettable by dedicating to a cause, charity or volunteer for an organization. You can involve in productive activities like contributing spiritually for the community or volunteer to help at the animal shelter or plant saplings or help at the home for the aged.

Take part in the festivity of fairs or festivals

You can make a trip to the recent fair, festival or any special event that takes places in your city and enjoy the fun and festivity spirit with your loved one. Take part either in the Burning Man, regional harvest festival, renaissance fair, SXSW, Bonnaroo, Mardi Gras or even a New Year celebration at the Times Square.

Planning the right honeymoon spot is the best way to cut the cost without compromising on the fun, excitement and relaxation that goes with it. Choose a perfect place that is a paradise for just the both of you. If you are organizing a wedding party, you can choose for online shopping of best Wedding Invitations. It will help you in saving your time and providing you with best collection of invitation accessories.

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