Top 5 Restaurants In South Africa

Posted on Oct 14 2013 - 10:54am by Amy Labbadia

South Africa

In recent years, South Africa has become one of the world’s greatest landscapes for good food served in interesting and innovative restaurants. Many of the country’s dining venues have been featured in worldwide lists of the best restaurants, firmly placing it on the culinary map of fine cuisine. 

The Tasting Room

As the recipient of countless culinary awards, it’s no surprise that the Tasting Room features highly on this list. Situated within Le Quartier Français and fronted by the talented chef Margot Janse, the Tasting Room offers a journey for your taste buds, set in the restaurant’s intimate environment. The eight-course menu is a delicious narrative of flavours that will evoke a variety of feelings in each diner, with a comprehensive wine list to accompany each dish served. Diners are asked to allow 3½ hours for their meal, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy this unique dining experience. 

The Test Kitchen

Located in Cape Town, the Test Kitchen recently opened in October 2010 and has received limitless worldwide attention ever since. Having won various awards, the restaurant ensures that its menu keeps diners and critics alike guessing by pairing unusual flavours together for an innovative and delicious meal. Lightly smoked beef fillets are garnished with candied pecan nuts whilst desserts take the form of banana and mango cannoli – and these are just two examples of a sprawling menu, where each meal is as delicious as any other. 

The Greenhouse

The gastronomic Greenhouse successfully illustrates Chef Peter Tempelhoff’s ‘Progressive South African’ cuisine. The restaurant’s tasting menu is an utter delight, with each course featuring fresh and delectable ingredients that will have you salivating before you even tuck in. The Greenhouse only seats 45 people, ensuring that the restaurant enjoys an intimate atmosphere, where each diner will feel as if they are on their own personal gastronomic journey. Feast upon dishes of apple glazed pork belly and apple cider, followed by dessert in the form of ‘camembert’ cheese cake. 

La Colombe

A meal at La Colombe is an unforgettable experience, with experience being the key word. At this restaurant located in the heart of Cape Town, you don’t just eat your food; you admire its carefully constructed beauty before devouring its concoction of delectable flavours. La Colombe is considered a French-meets-Asian restaurant, with each dish using the freshest produce available. In September 2010, Scot Kirton was appointed executive chef of the restaurant, and has wasted no time in stamping his personality on La Colombe’s menu. His ethos of ‘every dish can always be improved’ is evident in every bite you take. 


Nestled in the Winelands, Overture is a restaurant that specialises in good food, service and wine. The menu boasts a variety of interesting and unique dishes, with each dish tasting utterly exquisite. From the free range Van Reenen rump, served with parsnip puree and crispy polenta, to the fun Banana Sundae, you can expect from Overture a sincerely unforgettable dining experience. An expansive wine list accompanies the food menu, with staff on hand to suggest the perfect pairing for each dish.

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