15 Clever Ways To Expand Your Storage Space

Posted on Jul 6 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

The older you get the more things you will have and the more place you will occupy in your house with them. It’s great to have a lot of things if you have a big house, but what will you do with all that stuff if you live in a small apartment. Living in a small place certainly has some special charms but having a lot of storage options is not one of them. How many headaches did you get when you were trying to buy new things only to realize it can’t all fit in your cramped home? How many times have you left the store angry or even sad when you have realized that you just do not have room for something you really want? Yes, you will have to say no to the shopping even if you find a great deal on over 100 books. If you are not planning to use them also as chairs that is not a possible until you find a way to create more space. But there is one good thing that problems with the lack of storage space achieve and that is encouraging your creativity.

To maximize your storage space you will need to be clever, creative and handy. Do you think you can handle that? Have you ever considered creating an under bed compartment? By installing drawers or by having a lift-up bed you will create a lot of additional storage space that would usually unused. Surely you can immediately think of what we could put in that space? You can’t deny that this extra space would be a great place to put the winter or summer clothes, boxes with memories, craft supplies, those 100 books or even documents. In this interesting infographic you will discover more clever and creative ways for expanding your storage space.

15 Clever Ways to Expand Your Storage Space Infographic
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