Renovate With Style: Modern Fireplace Options

Posted on Jul 4 2015 - 11:00am by Editorial Staff


If you look at any magazine that has pictures of beautiful homes, you are bound to see one where the house look sleek, elegant, sophisticated and yet filled with character. Everyone wants to stay in a place like that. And the best part, right in the centre of the home, you find a gorgeous fireplace, not the typical kinds that you see everywhere, but something that fits in so well, that you feel like it’s found a perfect home. Its moments like these where you look at your sitting area and wish that you have a stunning, conversation worthy fireplace, right there in the middle of your room.

Sometimes you have renovated your house and are stuck with the same old boring fireplace, and sometimes all your sitting room needs is an elegant addition, either way, we are here to help. There are many modern fireplace options out there that can instantly add the extra pizzazz to your home. If you don’t have a fireplace, or even if you do, and desperately want to change the way it looks, here are some great ways to. Here are the ways by which you can revamp your existing fireplace.

Adding a glass door

If you have a fireplace already, adding a glass door to your fireplace will instantly take it to chic. Installing a glass door will also make your fireplace more energy efficient, meaning more heat is retained and distributed around the area. As compared to the iron mesh doors and the rudimentary partition, a glass door keeps all the stuff inside along with adding a new dimension to your fireplace.

Don’t be afraid of paint

Sometimes keeping it old school is the epitome of modern taste. This antithesis is not only a head turner, but if carried out with finesse, you may have a master piece for a fireplace itself. Don’t be afraid to try a little paint on your fireplace to give it a facelift, and draw the eye to it. Painting your fireplace with a brilliant colour can transform your living space making it lively and vibrant.

Adding a mantel

This is again playing with the ‘old is new’ concept. Adding a mantel may be last century, but executing it well can leave a fireplace, timeless. What the mantel very beautifully achieves is it outlines your fireplace and draws in the attention. You can take the whole look to a different level by hanging an elegant mirror on top of your mantel.

No fireplace at all

Not having a fireplace is no reason not to enjoy one. With new technology, there are fireplaces out there that don’t need a chimney at all. These new devices use room air for combustion, venting directly into the room. If you are worried about the rise of CO2, there is good news, these inserts come with built in Oxygen Depletion Sensor Pilot (ODSP), shutting down the unit if it detects fall in oxygen level in the room.

So, there are plenty of options available, whether you are looking to install a new fire place or redo your old one.

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