Red Hot Sunglasses Celebrate 5th Anniversary With A Flair

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Most companies celebrate milestones with a company bash but Red Hot Sunglasses took their fifth anniversary to new levels with a bit of adventure. Instead of the usual food and beverage, they decided to set a challenge, a red hot one!

According to the company’s ecommerce director, Philly Blackett, told reporters that for the company’s fifth birthday they opted to run with what they called the “Red Hot Chicken Wing Challenge.” Philly made the hot wings and since their home base is in Hoult’s Yard, they invited companies in that area to send a representative to the chicken wing challenge.

Party for Twelve Please

Twelve people participated in the red hot challenge with the highlight being a lethal sounding “100% Pain with Sudden Death Sauce.” This was the combination of two of Philly’s sauces and was accompanied by Naga chilies and some other spicy delights to round out the challenge.

Teams That Took the Challenge

Amongst those that took the challenge, some pretty impressive firms were represented. From Visual Soft came John Ryder, from Silverbean came Lauren Archer, from Chemistry Marketing came Richard Havelock and Three Motion Media was represented by Neil.

Protective Gear Required?

Since the sauces were so hot, each of the twelve competitors were issued latex gloves so that there wouldn’t be any chance of getting the hot sauce on the hands and perhaps into the eyes. Philly explained that the winner, oddly enough, was able to consume their share of wings in slightly less than two minutes. The winning team was from the company that developed the Red Hot Sunglasses website, Visual Soft.

About Red Hot Sunglasses

The website for Red Hot Sunglasses was set up in 2010 as a site that features designer sunglasses with a huge selection of high end, luxury sunglasses for both men and women. Also featured on the site are luxury shades for kids as well. Not only do they offer sunglasses for sale but there is a line of accessories and fashions, also within the realm of luxury styles.

Red Hot Milestones

Their fifth anniversary is not the only milestone the company celebrated in June. News is that they also marked more than 1,500 Instagram followers, a number greater than 4,000 on Twitter and an amazing 15,000 on the ever-present Facebook. For a company just five years old, that number of followers is impressive and they have established an online presence to contend with.

Most companies do celebrate anniversaries but usually they are internal affairs. This is an innovative move for a company known to have a huge offering of high end products at affordable prices. Red Hot Sunglasses is moving product and growing by the day. With a Red Hot Birthday Bash for year five, many followers are wondering if year ten will be nuclear! It’s always fun to vicariously celebrate with our favourite brands so this year’s birthday bash came off as a major coup for a company known for forging new grounds.

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