Your Guide To iPad Tips and Tricks (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 11:02am by Alexandra Ashton

The iPad is not just a device you can use to have fun, it’s also an important tool that can change a lot in our world. Did you know that, earlier this year, the government of the Principality of Andorra, in Spain, has decided that all public school students must buy a tablet for school use? That is true! According to statements made ​​to the local press, the authorities’ goal is to prevent students from carrying heavy books that clearly harm their health, even if at first the iPad will not completely replace books.

The government wants a gradual process to make Andorra the first country in Europe to bet on the tablet as a teaching tool. Of course, the decision created great controversy in the small country because some families don’t resources to pay for an iPad. The critics also claimed that the iPad is a very fragile device to be trusted full time in the hands of children. However, to calm the population, the government ensured that all families with financial difficulties will be able to apply to payment deadlines.

But why was the Apple tablet chosen among so many similar devices? As stated by the local government, it’s because the iPad is the best tablet in the market when it comes to offer a space for teaching and pedagogical optimization. But Andorra is not the only case, as Scotland’s government is also considering the institution of the iPadas a school tool.

Given all this, we guess it’s pretty safe to say that the iPad is one of the best devices of its kind in the market, but do you know you can make it even more efficient? Just by using some little tricks we are about to show you, you can completely transform your tablet. Take a look at the infographic below and have fun!

Your Guide to iPad Tips and Tricks (Infographic)

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