Yahoo Buys eCommerce App Platform Startup Lexity, Deal Terms Not Disclosed

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 10:46pm by Editorial Staff

"The World Interviews David Beckham on Yahoo!":

Yahoo today acquired an ecommerce app platform startup Lexity while it will be one such acquisition as all Lexity products, services and initiatives will transition seamlessly and can get even better, faster and stronger. There are no details on terms disclosed.

Lexity was founded four years ago by former Yahoo employee Amit Kumar. The company known self well in offering multiple ecommerce services for small- and medium- sized businesses. It runs its own app store for online retailers which serve in total of 114 countries.

Here is what Lexity said about the acquisition:

All Lexity apps, including our flagship app Lexity Live, will continue to run seamlessly, and we are putting more resources towards making them even better. We will continue to support merchants on any ecommerce platform―BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, you name it. We will also continue to support and enhance Commerce Central, our write-once, run-anywhere platform for developers.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Yahoo! Pressebilder/onEdition

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