What To Do When You Need More Office Space

Posted on Aug 14 2019 - 9:47am by Editorial Staff

An office which is too small is never ideal, but there comes a point when it’s a real problem for businesses. This is when it’s not only difficult from a functional point of view, but cramped spaces can also affect your level of motivation and capacity to solve problems or be creative. Whether you are working from home by yourself or are managing a team of people in one office, as your business expands it is likely that you are going to need more space.

Maximize the Space You Have

It’s very possible that you may be able to improve your situation with some simple decluttering, redecorating and re-organization. The first step is to clear out anything in the office which is not needed and to find storage for the rest. Keeping files and supplies out of sight can be a great help when trying to minimize visual distractions.

You want the room to be as light and airy as possible, so maximize the natural light or bring in bulbs which imitate sunlight. Swap heavy and dark furniture for lightweight options in pale colors. If there are several employees in the office, flexibility will be key. Consider collapsible tables and chairs and movable partitions so you only need the essential furniture out.

Use a Shared Office or Coworking Spaces

If you need to look outside of your current set-up to get the space you need, you may want to consider a shared office or coworking space in London. These facilities offer serviced and fully equipped offices and meeting rooms which you can rent on a flexible basis. This means that on days when you or your team need more space you can book what you need. Some coworking spaces offer a contract which allows a certain number of days per month while others operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. These facilities can be ideal for business owners who work from home but need a more professional environment to meet with clients, or even just to get a break from the same four walls.

Lease (or Buy) a Bigger Office

The last and most drastic option is to find new premises which offer you the space you need. If you’re running your business from home at the moment, this is a very important decision and not one to be taken lightly. You need to take a thorough look at your financial situation to ensure you can afford not only the monthly leasing fees but also any utilities or maintenance that may be required. If you already lease premises and are looking to move on, you will need to ensure you’re not breaking the conditions of your current lease and that the new premises will suit your operational needs. Businesses which own their own premises obviously face a more complex task of selling property, mortgage arrangements and the purchase. However, if the move is going to enable you to take your business to the next level of growth, it may just be worth it.

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