What To Do When Looking Into A Garage Door Dealer

Posted on Apr 27 2015 - 9:45am by Editorial Staff


A garage door is probably one of the most overlooked equipment in the household. Having said that it is undoubtedly one of the heaviest equipment as well as one of the most important. And yet there is very little time we put into looking for a decent dealer, who delivers what he has said. So here is a check list to go through if you are in the process of buying a garage door any time soon.

Research! Research! Research!

There is no better way of saying it, then saying it straight. Your first and primary source of any information is the internet, the newspaper and local magazines. If you have zeroed down on a dealer, look up his reputation. One way of doing that, is just going online and looking it up reviews, and what other people have to say about the dealers. Were they happy with their services, did they deliver as they promised, was the pricing fair?

Field visit

Once you have your potential dealers lined up, it’s time you paid them a visit. Check if you can see samples of their work, if it is okay with them – of course. It is always good to check what accessories each dealer is ready to give you and which one seems worth the while. It is also a great exercise to check if the dealers are compliant enough and whether it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle getting into an arrangement with them.

Experience matters

An experienced craftsman knows exactly what he is doing, and a garage door dealer is no different. The number of years he has been in the business does mean the more experience, which is always a great thing. A garage door has to endure the elements, so make sure you talk to him about materials to use in what environmental condition. See if the dealer has necessary certifications, before you move forward.

Looking at their business stability

Once you are convinced and have arrived on the decision to give a go ahead, take a look at their business stability. A garage door is a long term and expensive investment. You wouldn’t want to install their door, pay for their warranties only to find out that they have shut shop. If in case your door breaks down, you would not only be left with an unworkable garage door, but additional bills that you would have to pay some other mechanism. So make sure you know what you are getting into.

Regulation codes and compliance

When you are narrowing down your choices, it is always good to discuss with your dealer about the regulations and codes in your locality and area regarding buildings and other structures. You do not want to land into a situation where you have invested in a fancy new garage door, which may not be in adherence to the local authorities, which would mean you shelling out some more to get things in order. Check with your dealer if he is up to speed with them, and whether he has the necessary safety certifications required.

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