Weight Loss Motivation: 10 Tips You Should Follow Today

Posted on Dec 2 2013 - 10:33am by Jho Del

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Are you having a hard time finding the right weight loss motivation?  Do you always give up halfway through your fitness regimen?  Here are ten tips that should encourage you to lose weight for good.


Find some quiet time and meditate.  Find your weight loss motivation.

Think of how you want to look and how you want to be. Imagine yourself looking trim and fit.  Imagine yourself handsomely dressed and walking assuredly through a crowd.  Feel your sweat trickling down as you engage in a strenuous sport.  Remember the feeling of confidence and happiness radiating from you.

Visualization is mental rehearsal that will increase your mental strength and weight loss motivation.   Now take it one step further and print pictures of yourself being all of these things.  Photoshop pictures of yourself, print them, and plaster them all over your room.  Before going to sleep, stare at each one and do your visualization exercises again.  Oprah, Jim Carrey, and professional athletes do it, and you should too.


If you can troubleshoot your computer, you can also troubleshoot your own health.  Analyze what is keeping you unhealthy.  The major culprits are stress, lack of sleep, poor food choices, and inertia.  Zoom in on your Number 1 problem.  No amount of exercise or diet will make you lose weight unless you commit to a lifestyle change.

Find your inner child 

When you were a child, you used to run around all day tirelessly.  Get back your inner child and find a sport that you love.  You don’t have to be athletic; find something you can do for 15 to 30 minutes each day that will get you sweating.  As much as possible, choose a physical activity that doesn’t require too much set-up so you don’t get tempted to cancel.  Choose something simple like brisk walking or running.

Find a partner

It’s so much easier when you have a buddy who is on the same journey as you.  Going out to the gym, biking, swimming, or hiking becomes so much more fun when you have a friend with you.  You’llalso be less likely to skip out on scheduled activities.


Whatever your choice of physical activity, get the best performance gear that your budget will allow.  The more expensive they are, the better they are for weight loss motivation.  After all, won’t you feel guilty if you let them sit idle and gather dust in your closet?

Ban eating out

Nothing breaks down your weight loss motivation faster than your favorite donut, hamburger, or pizza place.  Avoid going near any fast food restaurant.  The high sodium content, transfat, and questionable ingredients are keeping your body toxic.  Eat whole foods and home-cooked meals at work and at home as much as possible.

Find out what you’re really eating 

Fire up the internet and YouTube.  Once you find out what’s really going into your chicken nuggets, extra crispy fries and hotdogs, you’ll think twice before giving in to cravings.

Here’s a pro tip.  Learn howto read food labels.  The ingredients list is based on a particular order.  When something is listed first, this means this food contains the highest amount of this ingredient.  For example, if your “100% natural fruit juice” lists water, sugar, artificial flavor, and fruit juice concentrate in this order, this means that your juice has more water, sugar, and artificial flavor than actual fruit juice.  Crazy, right?

Scare yourself 

How much belly fat do you have?  The bigger your belly fat, the higher your risk of “all-cause mortality”.  This means early death from all causes.  Losing weight is not just about looking good.  It’s also about dodging the bullet on cancer, heart disease, and even erectile dysfunction.

Scare yourself even more by watching the documentary Super Size Meabout a man who only ate McDonald’s food for 30 days.  This man suffered a lot to give you ample weight loss motivation.

Get a daily dose of inspiration

Have a theme song or mantra to boost your weight loss motivation.  Others find inspiration from a viral video of Arthur Boorman.

Arthur was a handicapped veteran who weighed almost 300 lbs.  Too many jumps ruined this former paratrooper’s back and knees.  His doctor said he would never walk on his own again, and Arthur believed this for 15 years.  Arthur’s weight loss motivation was very simple.  He wanted to walk on his own again.

Then, Arthur went on his journey with the help of non-impact yoga.  In ten months, Arthur lost 140 lbs and was soon running.

Reward yourself

Going cold turkey on your usual guilty pleasures might be too much for your system.  Reward yourself with your favorite food at least once a week.  Just don’t make every day a cheat day.

Your weight loss motivation shouldn’t be solely about looking good.  When you lose weight, your confidence, health, and overall feeling of well-being all improve.  The quality of your life at work and at home will improve in leaps and bounds.  It’s a win-win situation.

Are you ready to start on your journey now? Go over here to get started!

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