Web Censorship Status Code: 451

Posted on Jun 13 2012 - 4:36am by Editorial Staff

We know web status code 404 as you can reach the Web server, but it cannot let you find the page that you are looking for. A new number combination, 451, has been proposed as a new HTTP Web status for pages and sites blocked by censorship. Since, now we are living in the world of Internet censorship, Tim Bray, a leading Google Android developer and co-creator of Open Text and XML is proposing a new HTTP code, 451, for Web servers and pages that are being censored.

Sound strange but this is something the need of time as every other day, we see one country or another, censoring or even banning permanently the web content. Bray has proposed the code to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that code be used for “when resource access is denied for legal reasons.” Bray states that name of this code come from the late Ray Bradbury’s classic science-fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451.

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