Want To Use Your Smartphone As A Computer (Infographic)

Posted on May 5 2014 - 9:49am by Editorial Staff


Since technology has taken huge heights in our daily lives, there will be hardly any space left where we don’t notice the tech-o-sphere. Most interestingly, advancement has now taken such a big step that considering we are now in an environment where we can use our smartphones as a computer. Yes, you heard it correct. Your smartphone will work as a computer. And, for making it work like that there will be no rocket science behind it but some real day-to-day things which will be letting into such a happening.

The infographic below from Linday Electronics showcases the way it can be done. Did you know that with an MHL to HDMI cable, your phone will act as your computer and more interestingly, everything you see on your phone, you will now be able to see on your desktop screen. Well, let’s break out this discussion into steps so that you will be able to know the things in much better way. To start with, make sure you own a compatible phone. Mainly smartphones including that of Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG will be MHL ready while iPhone considerably not quite ready for MHL and is not included in the list.

Second, you have to choose an “MHL to HDMI” cable which you have to plugin to your phone and an MHL compatible TV. Make sure that these cables are available in a range of good lengths. Now use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and drastically turn your phone into landscape orientation so that the display will match the TV’s aspect ratio. Doing this, your new phone/computer is ready to go. That’s it.

Thanks Linday Electronics for sharing such an informative infographic.

Want To Use Your Smartphone As A Computer (Infographic)

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