Which Instagram Feature Can Add Value To Your Business?

Posted on May 28 2019 - 4:48pm by Editorial Staff

Here is the complete guide on why you would like to add your business on Instagram if it is still not there. Ever since it was launched, Instagram has been an important marketing tool for the marketers and businesses who are in search of brand visibility and better reach. It is the need of the hour to check out the Instagram app for your business and get with the world. If you are still not sure, you can look at these features and techniques which are pretty lucrative.

Better Reach and Huge Number of Users

According to studies and research, there are about 800 million active users on Instagram with nearly around fifty percent users active on a daily basis. There are a variety of users available on Instagram ranging from actual shoppers to window shoppers who don’t like engaging. With so many users available on the platform, there is no limit to the reach and number of followers a business can get. Small businesses can even buy Instagram followers.

You Need Not Be A Corporate to Promote

There are so many users available on Instagram, that there is no limit to the success a brand can achieve. It is true for huge corporates and companies to single man operations companies or mom and pop shops.

The success of photo-sharing app does not come in just single day but there is a need for a proper marketing strategy which needs to be formulated. The marketers need to keep in mind the concept of at least a single post in a day. This is how small business and big companies have used Instagram for their growth.

Direct Money

There have been various updates throughout the years and Instagram has evolved to make the platform shopping friendly. Their recent update has been for the shoppable posts which allow you to tag the product in the posts with the link for product description and shop now option which leads to your online store for the users to buy directly. With this kind of integration, it has become easier for smaller brands to increase their sales with users admitting to shopping more on social media platforms.

Stories Depict Brand Values

Instagram is more than just a photo sharing application; it can be used to show users how valuable your business is. There are various features for this but it can be done more beautifully through stories. Best way to make people believe in your brand is showcase behind the scene stories for the users to understand the ethics and values.

Influencers Partnerships

Influencers are basically social media celebrities who partner with various brands for their promotion on the platform. They have a huge fan following an can be real assets for the small businesses.


Unlike Facebook and Twitter which started as browser-based portals, Instagram started as mobile applications which are quite handy for the users and the marketers. You can deploy your marketing strategies from anywhere on the go. It is the right time to pay attention to the millions of customers awaiting you on this social media platform. It is the best way to apply the best marketing strategies.

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