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Posted on May 6 2014 - 9:32am by Jennifer Martin


Since my childhood days, I have been extremely passionate about pianos. And it is this passion that made me research everything and anything about pianos – the information I really find worth sharing with people who are thinking of buying a piano.

So folks, here is a comprehensive piano buying guide for you. Read on.

Get the best value for money

Never buy any musical instrument simply because it’s available at a cheap price! By doing so, you may succeed in saving some pounds initially but eventually the deal turns up into a headache. In the worst scenario, it may also ruin all your excitement and enthusiasm of playing a piano merely because you made a wrong choice!

If you want to make the most of your hard earned cash, think of your purchase of piano as an important acquisition that needs sincere consideration. Make sure you buy a piano that not only works fantastically, but lasts for many years. The price may vary drastically based on the type and brand of the piano you choose.

The design of a piano reveals how well it will do

The three most important aspects of a piano – sound quality, durability and playability – depend on its design, materials and the workmanship involved. At a first glance, you may find all pianos more or less same. But there are many crucial craftsmanship and design aspects of pianos that severely impact on the sound playing capacity and lifespan of this musical instrument.

Action design, scaling and the tension resonate structure are some of the major design factors that determine how a piano will play. Finding it very technical? Well, there are many piano dealers online who provides their customers with expert consultation.  Grand pianos have excellent design and sound compared to upright pianos.  However, if you have a dearth of space or don’t want to spend too much, you may choose a larger upright.

Explore the quality of the materials

Typically, around 80% of a piano is made of wood and the remaining 20% is made up of metals (such as iron frames and cast) and felts. The quality of wood used in the manufacturing of a piano can make a huge difference in the way it plays and generates sounds.

But practically, you can’t determine on the quality of the materials of a piano by just looking at it. And thus, I always recommend buying pianos from one of the top manufacturers including Steinway, Yamaha, Kingsburg and Kawai.

Buy a piano from a certified dealer only

The leading piano brands, including the ones shared earlier, work with certified dealers only who they know will correctly prep their products for sale. If you too want to get the most of what you pay for, make sure you buy the instrument from an official dealer of the brand.

The rule of thumb is to place an order with a reputed and certified piano dealer, and cherish the pleasure for a lifetime. If, like most of the people these days, you are thinking of buying piano online, make sure you go with the top quality and right brand of piano that falls within your budget!

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