Traveling To Paris Soon? Here Are Some Tips On Etiquettes

Posted on May 26 2014 - 10:32am by Sean Lee


Traveling to the French capital can be quite an experience in itself. Paris has attracted millions of travelers annually for various purposes. While some of them choose Paris as their honeymoon destination, some go to the French capital for spending their vacations. Whatever be the purpose of your visit, make sure that you know the etiquettes of the city well. This will help you in avoiding the strange glimpses from the locals there.

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Here are some tips on etiquettes that are highly appreciated in Paris and in any French town:

  • Greeting is a must in Paris – Shaking hands is mandatory while meeting people in Paris. You will notice that when people meet in Paris, they will exchange greetings in the best way possible. The term that they use for greeting one another is ‘La Bise’. Terms like Monsieur, Madame and Mademoiselle are commonly used for greeting men and women in the city. Before asking a question to a stranger, greet them first and then ask the question. On entering a shop, greet the shopkeeper by simply saying bonjour. Other common phrases that are used include bonne journée (have a nice day), enchanté (nice to meet you), s’il vous plait (please), bonne soirée (have a nice evening), je vous en prie (you’re welcome), excusez-moi de vous déranger (excuse me for bothering you) etc.
  • Try speaking a little French – Knowing little French can be of great help while visiting Paris. Even if you do not know the language, learn few basic terms so that you can begin your conversation. Excuse yourself and ask them if you can speak in English. Frenchmen are very helpful and will gratify you for sure.
  • Etiquettes while dining must be followed – These are very important signs for French people to know your character. While you are dining out in Paris, make sure to follow the etiquettes. For instance, both the hands should be on the table, but the elbows should be off it. The wine glasses are filled to the half as filling to the brim is considered ill manners. Also the host will serve herself last after serving the whole table. Frenchmen like to go dutch on their bills eve if someone ate very little.
  • Dressing etiquette – People in Paris are very conscious of the way they dress. Wearing short dresses is not highly appreciated for men as well as women. People in general dress casually when they go out on the streets. However, with the top designer brands in the city, you might spot some fashion-conscious people strutting the streets in high heels and designer dresses.

Keeping in mind these small things will help in making your Paris travel all the more eventful and pleasurable!

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