Headphones: Tech or Fashion? (Infographic)

Posted on May 26 2014 - 10:41am by Alexandra Ashton


You know why your iPhone is one brilliantly amazing technology? Yes, it can make a call, but what stuns those who really think about the iPhone deep and hard is the fact that with a pair of headphones, you can walk a mundane town and still feel revived and moved with the right music touring and drilling into your ears, beating just as fast as your heart, its magnificent sound uplifting your soul.

But all this enriching experience is to no avail if you don’t have the right headphones. And by right, we don’t mean just tech specs, but also stylish look. You pick the right headphones for either its style or its not so style tech specs. And both are great reasons to buying headphones. If you have style in your headphones, you get to feel excited and proud and moved when you use them in the streets. When you buy one for its tech feats, the sound itself is the fury. Here’s the infographic to guide you on how and for what reason you should buy the headphones.

It’s safe to say that the secret to wisdom in this age where we’re already certain that the universe started from the Big Bang, is a regular pair of headphones. You know why? Because with headphones attached to any smartphone or music player today, you can get to listen to all the great TED speeches and get inspired to start your own tech innovation. You can listen to the Free New York Fiction Podcasts in the App Store. You can even listen to Fortune Feimster and imagine her comedy used for a Bisaya Short Film. All of this just for a pair of tiny half the size of a marble thingy.

But all these amazing experiences are only possible if you have the right headphones. There’s a lot of options out there, and to decide on one headphone may require a lot of decision-making time, because we don’t want to end up disappointed after realizing that a Marshall headphones does not stylishly fit your head. But there are only two reasons you buy a headphones for: style and tech specs. So at least with that cleared, you’re getting a better picture. This infographic has more details about style and tech headphones.


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