Top 5 Social Media Trends For 2015

Posted on Jan 13 2015 - 9:11am by Mitul Das

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Establishing an online presence is a must for any business these days. But even if your business has an online presence that does not mean that you will still success. At least not without proper marketing in the world of internet. And when you perform the marketing of your business online, you just can’t ignore social media anymore. It has established a strong foothold for itself in the online world. So, it is extremely important to delve into social media marketing to take your business to the next level.

Social media is a dynamic field. Almost every other day, new trends are emerging in this field. Hence, if you want to make the most of social media marketing, it is important that you remain updated with the trends.

Here’s a quick look at some of the major social media marketing trends for 2015.

More Mobile-friendly Social Media

Surveys show that the number of smartphone users around the world are increasing at a fast pace. And it is likely to continue in the coming years as well. So, people hardly spend time sitting in front of the computer any more. Most of the tasks are performed through these smartphones.

Social media platforms will keep this thing in mind as they transform during 2015. They will be responsive; there’s no doubt about that. The websites will understand that being responsive is the basic requirement for them now. But beyond that, they will also design themselves to make the platforms more mobile-friendly. New apps will be developed, which will make it easier for the users to access social media through mobile.

A Blend of Social Media and Ecommerce

You need to shop? Online shopping has long been around. It has given you the chance to get the desired things from the comfort of your home. But the experience was earlier limited to a few ecommerce websites only. It is likely to change soon. And for the better.

A blend of social media and ecommerce platforms are expected soon. In fact, two of the most important social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter, have already launched the beta version of the ‘buy’ button. And it will be implemented full and final if the companies receive positive feedback from the users. This is likely to help purchasers get the feedback about the products on the social media platform itself.

So, if you want to buy something in near future, you can do that while asking about the product from your friends’ right on a social media platform.

Images will Take Centre Stage

Although the phrase might become cliché with overuse, but a picture will continue speaking a thousand words in 2015 as well. So, you are sure to experience the use of more number of images on social media. And this is likely to drive the use of PowerPoint presentations as well as infographic significantly. People will look to convey more through less. So, these image-based communication is likely to gain ground soon. With every passing day, images are likely to become more important as a mode of communication than their text-based counterparts.

Short Videos will be More in Use

In line with the use of images, businesses are likely to try conveying their messages within a short time. So, the use of videos is also likely to increase. Companies will try to spread the word about their businesses through these videos. But if you want to follow this trend, make sure your videos aren’t only about bragging. Overtly promotional videos might have negative impact on your business prospects. Websites, such as Instgram, Vine and others will provide the opportunity of creating and posting videos of duration 15 seconds, which can be used to tell the story of your company in short.

Companies will Offer Real-time Services through Social Media

Social media offers the best platforms for businesses to connect with their audience directly. Many businesses are likely to take this opportunity to use real-time marketing for their products and services. Moreover, they will also provide real-time services for their customers. This will help them solve their problems as and when they occur. Moreover, they will also answer to the queries of the customer at real time as well.

Social media marketing in 2015 will be more about paying out money, as advertisements on those channels are likely to become more expensive. But majority of the social media platforms will remain relevant and businesses will be using them more extensively.

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