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Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 9:27am by Editorial Staff


There are some of us who love to shop, love a good bargain, and yet just cannot go through the whole ordeal of going from one shop to another. Don’t worry there is a lot of us out there who are just the same. While for some it is just laziness, for some it is lack of time, and for many others, it as a waste of time.

To a large extent they may be very true. While shopping on the streets has a whole experience attached to it, many of us are just interested in the finale deal. To tell you’ll the truth, most of the best deals are not even in the store, it’s online.With a growing population of online shoppers in India, the time for the Indian online bargain hunters has finally arrived. Here are a few tips and tricks of how to get discounts online.

Scouting for offers

Sometimes just scouting for discounts on the site solves the trick. This is exactly the case when it comes to travel sites. When you are planning to book your tickets for a holiday, or planning a luxury stay in a 5 star or perhaps 7 star hotels, it’s always a good idea to check out Goibibo offers, TravelGuru offers or Redbus offers; they offer great bargains even to last minute planners. Not only do they have some really killer deals, they help save a lot of time as well.

Couponing up

Coupons are a great way to get that extra discounts.And some stores even let you club it with discounts, making it a double win situation, (making it even clearer why some people tend to hoard them). There are many sites online that give out coupons and coupon codes. It always helps to have these sites handy, when you go online shopping.

Creating an account with the site

I know opening an account on a site is always the last thing on your mind when you are shopping online, the motto being get in, get out as quickly as you can. But opening an account can be just the thing that you are looking for when it comes to discounts online. Many a times, just opening an account with the site, gets you a flat 10 to 20 per cent off on merchandise. Now isn’t that’s a good trick.

Signing up for Email alerts

This may make you frown but hear me out, signing up for email notifications, gives a direct way of knowing when the site is slashing down rates. It keeps you one step ahead of those who have not signed up for it. So you can keep your binge impulsive shopping when you get an email alert.

Getting away from the trap

With a competitive online market comes a price, and that is exactly what we pay when we browse sites for a purchase. With technology getting even more sophisticated these days, various sites actually track customers on their site, studying their browsing pattern. So if you are browsing for products that lean towards looking at the higher end of the spectrum; when it is time to purchase, the site quotes a high price. The way to combat this is to use an incognito window, when you are planning to shop or regularly discard the cookies that build up on your system.

So with these tricks of the trade we do hope you have a fun time scouting around for those illusive discounts on your favourite sites.

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