Top 7 Website Designing Trends In 2013

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 12:41pm by Ashwani Kaushik


One thing common to all the website owners is that we are always on the lookout of ways to improve our current existing website. The online trends change before we know them, and hence we are left unhinged and unsettled, trying just to match with the changing trends. If you have not yet updated your website to a more recent design trend, and have lost some good amount of sleep because of that, fret no more. Here we have enlisted a comprehensive list of top 7 web design trends of 2013, which have caught the fancy of a lot of developers. You may want to read further, if you are serious about improving the appeal of your website, and giving it a riveting and ultra modern look.

Top 7 web design trends of 2013:

A Responsive website design – a website is no longer deemed fit to survive if it does not have a responsive design, especially in 2013. A responsive design stems from a rather simple and all inclusive approach. You develop one website, which can be accessed through all of the leading devices, be it smart phones, laptops, handhelds or desktops. We need not even stress on the importance of this trend, given the fact that mobile smart phone mobile websites are going to take over the conventional ways of browsing internet.

A fixed and attention grabbing header file –The Fixed Header approach is when where the header file remains the same – constant, across all the pages. It is a rather smart way for creating brand awareness as the users will not be able to miss out the information contained in the header file, no matter on which part of the website they are at.

Minimal design is in – another simple and elegant trend is the minimal design. No need for chunky Flash elements or loud graphics etc, these days the websites, especially the designs of the landing pages are going bare minimum. This has significantly reduced the costs of web development  and the pressure the pages would have on the browsers. Also, a minimal design is a smart way of allowing the customers to view the information that matters, instead of wander here and there.

An impactful picture background – one of the latest trends in designing the website is to use quite an impactful and a rather large image in the background, manipulate it a little so that it does not hinder with the readability of the website and use it as a background. This trick helps in enticing the online user, keeping them fixed to the website, and at the same time gives a very neat and clean professional look to it.

An abysmal scroll – designers are soon trying to do away with the need for pagination, and are now providing an abysmal infinite scroll to all the users who require a trendy and modern website. Although a lot of websites might not even require infinite scrolling, for they are small scale and do not contain that many features and posts, but if your website fits the bill, infinite scroll renders wonderful results, allowing the users to stay hooked to the website without doing much of an effort.

A circular design pattern – lately, a lot of websites can be seen which has certain circular round shaped patterns contained in them. Circles are clean, it is easy to fit them in the website, you may easily cut off any side that you may require and the circular shapes makes up for a nice and interesting background for sharing various information and content text. Besides, this one design trend is just so cute.

Give something extra to the users thorough illustrations – illustrations and info graphics have now become a favorite of the users. You can exploit the beneficial attributes of the same by providing highly detailed and well laid out illustrations to the users flocking down to your web page. This, when combined with other trends, such as responsive design and abysmal scroll, gives an amazing edge to the website.


It is a constant challenge to keep the website updated and well poised to meet the demands of the present day. We are hopeful that our comprehensive list of the latest design trends will help you in your crusade to own the most up to date and feature rich website.

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