Top 7 Restaurants In Aruba

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 10:03am by Amy Labbadia


Aruban cuisine is fresh, exciting and, above all, delicious. One of the wonderful things about the island’s cuisine is its variety: whether your idea of the perfect meal consists of a thick-cut steak and chips or freshly grilled seafood served beachside, then you’ll be pleased to know that Aruba won’t disappoint. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 restaurants in Aruba, to inspire and whet your appetite. Bon appetite! 

The Flying Fishbone

If you enjoy dining beachside then you’re sure to love a meal at the Flying Fishbone – not only do they have tables sunk into the sand, but some are actually submerged in the water! Located in the charming town of Savaneta, the Flying Fishbone serves a variety of interesting dishes including shrimp casserole, locally caught lobster and sirloin steak with truffle sauce. 

Hadicurari Restaurant

Originally a seaside shack, Hadicurari is now an elegant outdoor seafood restaurant, overlooking the world-famous Palm Beach. The restaurant’s menu enjoys an Asian twist, transforming classic seafood dishes into something wonderful, the tuna tataki on a bed of scrumptious salad being a perfect example of this. Aruban cuisine features prominently at Hadicurari, making it the ideal restaurant to frequent if you wish to taste the island. 

2 Fools and a Bull

Elegant but carefree, 2 Fools and a Bull is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. The restaurant enjoys a modern yet warm décor, and is configured for large group meals, making it the perfect choice for family vacations. A menu of rustic delicacies, including chargrilled meats, is served with a contemporary flourish, making this restaurant a unique spot. 

YemanjaWoodfired Grill

Since opening in 2007, this restaurant has become a hit with tourists and locals alike, and once you step foot inside you’ll see why. From its social atmosphere to the variety of meats and seafood grilled to perfection, YemanjaWoodfired Grill is the place to be. 


Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill is the place to be if you appreciate good food, good company and good views of the Caribbean Sea. Situated on the waters of Palm Beach, Bugaloe’s dedicates itself to hosting the perfect beachside evening. The grill’s menu is simple, featuring burgers, salads and wraps, accompanied by an extensive cocktail menu that will keep you entertained all through the night! 

Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Looking for something refreshing? Your search is over as you arrive at Eduardo’s Beach Shack. This quaint establishment serves a variety of refreshing beverages including coconut water, smoothies and even fresh wheatgrass shots. It’s the perfect place to cool down after a leisurely afternoon spent sunbathing in the Aruban sun. 


Considered one of Aruba’s hidden treasures, Marandi is a charming restaurant situated on top of Laguna Pier. Choose to dine in the comfortable and friendly interior of the restaurant or head outside, where you can feast upon fresh cuisine under a canopy of stars. Marandi’s menu consists of various delights, from fresh salads to grilled seafood, with every meal having one thing in common: deliciousness!

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Amy Labbadia is a travel writer for the luxury tour operator Wanderforth