This Vehicle Security Device Is Creating Waves In The Market!

Posted on Jul 1 2019 - 12:09pm by Editorial Staff

How many times does it happen that a product is introduced in the market, and it has everything a consumer would expect? Not many times, right? Well, recently, a vehicle security device was launched, and it’s already creating waves in the Indian market. It showcased a paramount of innovation and has features that were never seen before.

Typically, a vehicle security device either tracks the vehicle or records through a dash cam. All this is manual and can only be accessed through the device itself. Not anymore!

KENT – the household brand of water purifiers in India has come up with KENT CamEye – a first-of-its-kind car security device that does way more than a dash cam and a tracking device such as GPS.

So, what exactly does KENT CamEye offer to the users?

Dual Cameras

In the first-of-its-kind dash cam cum tracking device, KENT CamEye incorporates two cameras instead of one that’s typically seen in dash cams. The two cameras are on both the sides, i.e. front and back of the KENT CamEye.

The two-camera set up can record both inside and outside of the vehicle. The 120-degree field of view on both cameras can cover the entirety of the vehicle. So, in situations when something happens from the side or back, the camera will record that.

If you think that was all – it’s not. KENT CamEye is bundled with an official app from where the car owner can monitor the video stream from anywhere – that too on both the cameras. Everything is in real-time, and owners can live monitor what’s happening inside and outside the car. It’s a feature that’s a boon for people who have chauffeur-driven cars.

KENT CamEye is an IoT device and has a preloaded 4G sim card that uploads everything to the secure cloud storage. From the audio/video recording to tracking the vehicle at every second – KENT CamEye does it all.

Real-Time Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent alerts in the KENT CamEye is one of a kind and prove to be incredibly useful in many cases. They work by providing real-time alerts to the owner across a number of parameters which prevent the misuse of the vehicle.

There are many ways KENT CamEye makes use of intelligent alerts:

  • Geo-fencing Alert – Sends an alert to the owner’s phone when the vehicle sets out from a set perimeter.
  • Over-Speeding Alert – Sendsan alert if the car crosses a set speed limit, highly useful in situations when the driver is indulging in rash driving. This alert also comes handy for teenage drivers.
  • AC On Alert – An alert on the owner’s phone if the driver is using AC in the parked car.
  • Unknown Driver Alert – For people with chauffeur-driven cars, this alert sends a notification using facial recognition when somebody other than the driver is in the driving seat.

Other alerts such as noise level, place of interest, and engine idling are handful in many situations. These alerts amplify the security for car owners, their family, and cars.

Route Playback

KENT CamEye always allows the user to be connected to the car via a mobile phone. The route playback option enables the user to access recorded videos right from their phone. Everything right from GPS location to temperature, speed, noise, audio, and video can be viewed from the app.

2-Way Calling

Another notable feature of KENT CamEye is its 2-way calling with live video streaming. Car owners can speak from the app directly to KENT CamEye. Yes, this tracking device cum dash cam comes with a speaker system and built-in mic that allows the driver and car owners for easy communication. The best part is that only the owner with app access can initiate the conversation in KENT CamEye. KENT CamEye is the first-of-its-kind device that truly is a complete vehicle security system. It’s a tracking device that does way more than any dash cam or GPS tracker. With such user-friendly features, this device is a boon for car owners who want to ensure safety. Furthermore, it is completely made in India and is available only through Amazon India.

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