The 4 Deal-Breakers For Your Next Colocation Center

Posted on Aug 14 2019 - 10:21am by Editorial Staff

Did you know that choosing the wrong data center could cost you thousands of dollars or even your entire business? Brands from across the globe are forced out of business because of data breaches and downtime, every single day.

This is a business-defining decision, so it’s not one you want to regret. Today we will walk you through the 4 absolutely non-negotiable deal-breakers that you need to consider when looking at a would-be facility.

However, you will notice that we don’t list price as a deal-breaker. Shortlisting your data centre sourcing options should not be based on price. Of course, cost will be a factor. However, make sure you tick these other 4 boxes first.


Yes, location is the #1 deal-breaker in our books.

You do want a location that:

  • Is in a state with low energy costs (the Pacific Northwest is attractive for this reason)
  • Sits in a fairly mild climate, so cooling it is inexpensive
  • Isn’t an area prone to snowstorms, earthquakes or hurricanes

You do not want a location that:

  • Sits in a warm climate that will cost a fortune to cool
  • Stands a reasonable chance of being knocked out by a natural disaster
  • Is close enough to your location that the same outage or natural disaster will impact you both

Don’t be afraid of distance, it’s a good thing. Distance does not mean a lack of access. Today’s technology should allow you to access data stored across the country as though it’s across town.

Proven Concurrent Maintainability

If you’re even reading this blog, odds are very good that you’re looking for nothing less than 99% uptime.

Be very upfront about how much uptime you will need. And, beware of anyone who is not willing to share hard statistics and specific details about their facility.

Also, beware any company who sneaks the word “equivalent” into their materials, such as “Tier 3 or Tier 4 Equivalent” facilities. This means they haven’t gone through the lengthy (and expensive) process of being certified by the Uptime Institute. Certification should definitely be a deal-breaker.


Your needs today will not be the same as your needs in 2-3 years. Do they offer flexibility and scalability to suit your needs?

You need to ensure that this center allows you to scale up or down without much difficulty or friction felt on your end of things.

Their Proven History

This data center needs to be able to provide you with finite proof that their customers are very happy and have been for some time. This includes testimonials and data-driven case studies, from businesses that had needs that closely mirror your own.

Any ambiguity or vagueness from their end is a red warning flag.

You can feel free to choose the most affordable option that offers you all of the above. However, you cannot sacrifice their location, maintainability, scalability, or track record in the name of saving a few dollars. Believe us when we tell you that this “bargain” will cost you a lot more money in the long run.

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