This Is What I Did After My Workplace Accident

Posted on Dec 29 2015 - 5:04pm by Editorial Staff


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Now, any worker in the world faces the issue of a possible accident or injury in the workplace. Despite the health and safety precautions that companies take these are still very common. A lot of the time it might just be a case of getting unlucky and having an accident. This can be a very difficult time for you so it’s worth taking action as soon as you can.

I think you need to act as soon as possible when you’ve had an accident. There are so many factors you need to take into account, and they might have an effect on you as an individual. When I had my workplace accident, I was worried about things like money, my long-term health, and getting legal help. And that’s why I made sure I sorted these things out as soon as I possibly could. I would suggest that you try to take action to do the same.

Let Someone Know

The first thing that I did following my accident was that I let the relevant people know. If anything has happened in the workplace, you need to let your line manager know as soon as possible. This is vital because it ensures they are aware of any potential problems, and can deal with the problems immediately. It also means you have made people aware of your injury. And this is going to be crucial later down the line when you make a statement. So I would always advise you do this as your first course of action.

Made a Statement

After I had let my manager know, I made a statement about the accident. This is vital because I needed to do a copy for the company, and one for myself. I needed to be as detailed as possible so that everyone was aware of everything that had happened. It’s best to draft a statement as soon as possible following the injury. This is because everything will still be fresh in your memory and you won’t forget important information. I wanted to make sure I had everything down on paper in case I needed to make a claim.

Looked for Representation

The next stage in the process was one of the most important, and that was to seek representation. Now, I had never had an accident before so I didn’t really know where to start looking. So what I did was I checked out the injury attorney with the best reputation and experience. I wanted to make sure I had the best possible legal support on the market. That way I would be able to file a compensation claim and have a good chance of getting what I deserved.


Accidents in the workplace are very common these days. In fact, there is a very real chance you might fall foul of your own accident at work. These can be very unpleasant and may well have a negative effect on your life. That’s why it’s important to take as much decisive action as possible whenever you get injured. Follow my guide to help you do this, and to get the best possible outcome from the process.

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