For Millennial Employees, It Really Doesn’t All Come Down To Salary

Posted on Jan 1 2016 - 9:00am by Editorial Staff


While it might be impossible for some of us to quite wrap our minds about it, the numbers of millennial employees are rapidly growing. It is estimated that millennial employees will make up nearly half of the workforce by the year 2025. Because of this, more and more employers are trying to figure out just how they can attract and keep great millennial talent.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of negative stereotypes out there about millennial employees. If you’ve heard that millennial employees are entitled and want more money than they rightfully deserve, then you aren’t alone. These negative stereotypes seem to dominate chatter about this new and emerging group of workers.

The truth is, millennial employees aren’t entitled, and they don’t just care about the money. Here are some things to keep in mind about millennial employees.

They’re Tech Oriented and Care About Innovation

Millennial employees are more focused on technology than any other workforce in history. Millennial employees flock to job opportunities where tech and social media will play a large part of their role within the organization. Furthermore, they have advanced technical skills merely from growing up immersed in technology.

They’re Growth Oriented

Millennial employees aren’t looking to simply stick with a job for a few years before they move on to something bigger and better. Rather, they want to find a company that they can truly grow with. Contrary to what you may have heard, millennial employees are indeed looking to build careers for themselves.

They Have the Same Priorities as Their Older Counterparts

Millennial employees, at the end of the day, care about the same things as their older counterparts. They’re not just concerned about the opportunity to grow within a company, but also appreciate the basics, like health coverage and benefits. You might have heard statistics about how younger people are eschewing the traditional home and family life, but don’t believe all you’ve heard. Millennial employees very much want to put down roots and create a future that they can count on.

Ignore the negative press you’ve heard and instead focus on just how many wonderful things that millennial employees can bring to your organization. With a younger workforce, your company will have the opportunity to technologically advance and to enter arenas that it has not previously entered, such as online marketing. These employees are certainly not just looking to get money for nothing – they want to work and build meaningful careers.

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