The Best Cruise Destinations In The World

Posted on Aug 22 2013 - 11:23am by Loryli Bell


What’s Your Flavor?

Cruise to Wherever, Somewhere! Watersports Cruise. Nightclub Cruise. Tropical Cruise! Sports Cruise! Which one to choose? Lots of choices but I want the best. Well, the best place to look are the comparison travel websites which will give you background information on all the cruises and destinations. They will even give you passenger feedback and reviews on the travel and services offered.

Some of the best cruises in the world not only cater to everyone’s tastes, but are eco-friendly, too.  It gives people a sense of purpose and ownership when they are able to participate and work with others in making sure that their cruise is effective in being ecologically friendly and they are aware of the impact it can have on the environment.

Personal Experience

I went on a cruise once with my sister.  We didn’t have much money but it was the best cruise ever.  We found a host of choices of cheap cruises from Sydney and played around with our budget. Even though we didn’t have a lot, we enjoyed ourselves immensely with the activities and entertainment that were laid on for the passengers.  They were so keen on letting everyone play the part  they had to play in making sure the ship maintained its eco-friendly status just like all the other  cruise lines.

The Best Cruises

Some of the best cruises in the world are listed on the internet.  Go to some websites and compare each other’s offers. Look for a run down of the best according to passenger feedback and deals available. Some of the best cruise destinations mentioned at the moment are:

  • Galapagos
  • Mediterranean
  • Antarctica
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Australasia
  • Alaska
  • Fjords of Norway
  • Baltic Sea
  • Caribbean
  • Mexican Riviera

The best time to go on the cruises in the Antarctic and Caribbean is January/February; in Australia cheaper airfares are from mid-April to August; Mediterranean and Galapagos run from May to Sept; Alaska, Baltic Sea and Fjords of Norway are from June to August; Mexican Riviera from November to April; and the Hawaiian Islands anytime of year.

Types of Cruises

Knowing what you like and what you expect from a cruise is important so that you can pick the right cruise for you.  Even though the best cruises are listed above, from a  little research they may not be to everyone’s liking.  The Mexican Riviera cruise for example is said to be very energetic and action-packed and may not be for those who want to relax and unwind. There are many stops on the way with water sports activities, clubbing, dining, shopping and even fishing.

Then, there are the 3 day or 7 day cruises to your dream destination that you can find from cheap cruise choices from Sydney.  The longer cruises go to some great beaches on the Pacific Islands.  Some even are longer cruises to China and Japan.

Compare and Decide

We have looked at different cruises that are considered the best but as we have said, it will ideally be what you are looking for in a cruise and how it fits with your personality, tastes and needs.  The best way to find the best cruise is to write down what you would like out of a cruise, the amount you have to budget and the possible destinations. Look online and compare prices and then finally make a decision as to what your destination will be.  The cruise package or ship that will suit you will be the one that fits your personality. It may be funny to think that a ship fits you. But yes, it will! Just do a little more research! I liked the researching part because it gave me the freedom of choice. And believe it or not, I made my choice of ship fit my personality and my sister’s. And most of all, I stayed within our budget!

Have a grand time!

So, the best cruises are listed and can be found with passenger reviews and feedback on services but your best cruise will be the one that suits your needs and your personality.  Setting up a plan, a budget, doing a bit of research, reading reviews all help make the ultimate decision. Also, having a good attitude to enjoy the cruise will also determine if it is your best cruise.  Ours was the best not only because we looked for cheap cruises from Sydney but also because, we took the time to make it fit us, so to speak. Whatever you choose try to stick to the tips given and I’m sure of it, you can’t go wrong!

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Lorylie Bell is a world traveller who likes to write about travelling and deals in the industry. She has her own travel consulting company, providing travel consultation services for cheap cruises, holiday tours, expeditions, and other services for big firms. She likes a good book and enjoys water sports of all types including surf sailing, surfing and jet skiing. Loryli is fundraising for a local charity to build schools in poor areas of the world and is also going to be donating her work and time to going to the projects in the future.