How Technology Is Changing The Restaurant Industry

Posted on Jun 15 2017 - 8:57pm by Editorial Staff

Technology is all around us, and rapidly, developing technology has changed the way we live. Smartphones have replaced our house phones, and instead of going to the video store, people are now streaming their favorite movies.These are just a couple of the ways that technology has changed the way we go about our daily lives.Now, technology is also influencing the restaurant industry in a big way.Today, we are going to look at how restaurants, as we know them, might be changing.

Flexible Heaters Are Helping Out in the Kitchen

One technology that is changing the way restaurants cook food and keep it warm is the flexible heater.  These heaters are durable and can be used for many different applications.Additionally, they have a fast cool-down and heat-up time, so reaching optimal temperatures can be accomplished quickly.Flexible heaters help restaurant owners comply with safety guidelines, and they help keep workers safe.Also, flexible heaters help reduce energy costs which is always an added bonus.Great for the environment, these energy saving heaters can help reduce a restaurant’s overall carbon footprint.

Sensor Enabled Webcams Can Spot Safety Violations

One of the busiest areas of a restaurant is the kitchen.This is where all the magic happens.While this is a place of creativity, it also needs to be safe and clean. Many restaurants have trouble in this area.But now, technology may help restaurant owners avoid fines related to health code violations.Sensor-enabled webcams, along with radio frequency transmitters,can be used to monitor staff.Those who work in the kitchen are fitted with badges that contain the transmitter.When those workers do certain tasks like wash their hands, the transmitter signals and the webcam turns on.This technology can track how long they wash their hands helping to keep their work area free from contamination.Other tasks are also monitored, and you can find out more information about this technology here.

No Waste Biodiesel Conversion

While turning used cooking oil into biodiesel is nothing new, the way it’s being processed is changing.In the past, restaurants would sell or even give away their used cooking oil to just about anyone willing to take it away.These collectors would then take the oil to another location for processing. But with the invention of automatic biodiesel converters, restaurant owners can make their own fuel right on the spot. This will allow them to have an additional revenue stream that they can rely on.All they have to do is pour in the cooking oil, and the converters will do the rest.Products containing animal fat can alsobe used with this converter. For more information on this amazing new technology, please check out this website.

As you can see, technology is changing the way restaurants operate.These new devices will help make food safer and even help the environment.Many restaurant owners have already welcomed these changes and are greatly benefiting from them.While you may never see some of these changes, behind the scenes, things just might look very different in the future.

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