4 Things Every Company With A Website Needs To Do

Posted on Jun 14 2017 - 7:35pm by Editorial Staff

It’s becoming common practice for businesses to have a website. After all, it’s a useful tool for a company to have in the modern world. And with most of your competitors being online, it’s becoming a necessity to also take the leap of getting onto the web. But a lot of people are not making the most of their website. In fact, they are not using it effectively for their business. Therefore, it’s time to take action to ensure your site is working for you. In fact, here are four things every company with a website needs to do.

Put it on your email signature and business card

A lot of companies are still only putting their name, address, and company phone number on business cards and email signatures. In fact, it’s the only information they give out on marketing materials too. But websites are one of the first things potential clients will go on nowadays to check out your business. Therefore, they need to know exactly what the web address is without having to take steps to get in contact with you to ask you. In fact, it won’t look like you are a tech-forward company if you lack in putting your site on important items. Therefore, take the step to ensure your site is on your email signature. And you also need to place it on your business card so that potential clients can see your website straight away. And that way, you are making the most out of having a business site.

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Link it up with a social media account

Once you have made steps to create a good website, it’s time to work on your social media. After all, having social media accounts is essential to connect with your customers. In fact, it’s a cheap and easy way to get some free marketing for your business. And having a business social media account is essential if you have a site. After all, you can link the two together so that any time you do updates on your website, it will be shared with your social media followers. And then they can check it out to see the latest on your company. And it’s perfect for sharing your latest blogs. Therefore, ensure you set up social media accounts for your company to make the most of your new website. And make sure you put the icons on your site. In fact, you might want to build your own website through a platform that can enable you to do things like social media functionality. And with these linked on your site, clients can follow you on Facebook and Twitter straight away!

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Look at getting at purchasing a domain name

It might be the case that you opt for a free website for your business to cut back on costs. After all, we all know how expensive it is to run a company. Therefore, you might need to make cuts when it comes to areas of your business. But one thing you really need to do if you have a website for your company is to purchase a domain name. After all, that current free name you have might not be doing your business justice. In fact, it can make your company not look as professional if you don’t have a proper website. And you don’t want to look amateur when you want to stand out against other businesses. Not only this, but you want to capture your domain before anyone else can. After all, there will always be people out there wanting to copycat your business. Therefore, make sure you buy the domain for at least 12 months for the sake of your company.

Scrap it and start again

It might sound harsh, but in some cases, it’s worth starting over again with your business site. After all, your first attempt should really have been a practice run. And now that you have some knowledge of what’s working, and what’s not, you should be able to put these new skills into practice when creating a brand new website. After all, there might be current things on your site which just aren’t ticking the boxes for your clients. And you need to change these quickly, so you don’t end up running your business into failure. This time, it’s also worth working with a web designer for your site. After all, you might have tried to do it yourself the first time. So get a professional to design your site this time, so it looks superb.

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And remember to ensure your site follows your current branding. After all, the website is an extension of your brand.

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