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I2Mag, an Internet & Design Inspiration Magazine having emphasis on empowering and inspiring people by spreading the waves of knowledge of technology world. The magazine is the property of G2One Network Private Limited, INDIA.

Founded in late 2011, I2Mag reaches our thousands of visitors every day. I2Mag is an independent news source dedicated to covering start-ups, reviewing internet products, social media, digital culture and technology news.

I2Mag is committed to reporting on all companies and individuals in fairly and without bias method.

Review Options Available:

1. Free Review: The process will take at least one to two month time before we consider on to whether to review the company/brand or not. Also, to note here, under this option only 10% of companies/brands are selected for review.

2. Paid Review: For just $149 upfront, you can have your product or service reviewed on in just 72 hours! (three working days time). No matter how big the line it is, with speedy paid submission option, you get your company/brand reviewed and published on within 72 hours time.

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