StackPath Is An Intelligent Web Services Platform For Security, Speed And Scale

Posted on Aug 10 2016 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff


The age of internet security is here with the world of internet growing and become more diverse.  While this global network is helping you connect to so much more, it is also leaving you exposed to so many security threats. We have security services that help keep things in check, but with everything becoming more receptive and intelligent, what we need is an intelligent security service that works against an equally smart system.

For that we have StackPath, a platform that is built on security, with a core system that is built to adapt, learn and evolve.  Gone are the days when antidotes to bugs and malware were a product of time and utilised only after threat had bobbed it head a couple of times, now its time for smart systems that work on real time threats – and with StackPath you get all that and more.

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