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Most drivers share a magical bond with their cars, at least in the initial stages. Few feelings in this life can match the excitement of driving off the forecourt in a brand new motor. Over the months and years, though, those joys can start to find.

But you don’t necessarily need to purchase a new car to rediscover your love of driving. Follow these simple tricks below, and your car will soon feel better than ever. Not only will you reap the benefits now, but it’ll also see you get a better sale price when that time eventually comes.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Have A Professional Oil Change

As a responsible driver, you should always look to monitor your fluid levels on a regular basis. This simple job can help you prevent future damage and will generally leave the car performing in a better manner.

However, getting an expert to do an oil change will restore your car’s performance like never before. Seriously, this one job will have chassis and other key elements working like new. Not only will this make the ride more comfortable for you, but it will add an extra degree of safety too.

Make this upgrade now, and you’ll be amazed at the immediate impact.

Change Tyres

The car is an intricate piece of technology and having the various parts in great health for it to work properly. While you think about the other aspects, it’s very easy to forget about the important role that your tyres play.

Without the right tyres, your safety will be at huge risk. New AA tyres will completely revamp your ride, improving braking along with turning and other key aspects. Just be sure that you maintain a healthy air pressure at all times.

The tyres impact every second of driving. Get yours to the optimum level, and you should soon see a vast improvement to your enjoyment behind the wheel.

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Clean The Air Vents

One of the great things about a new car is that distinct smell of fresh air pumping through the air vents. Over the months and years, those smells will become stale. Without realising it, this will probably have a hugely negative impact on your relationship with the vehicle. But you can fix it with minimal effort.

This guide on clearing out the air vents will help you complete the job quickly and with minimal costs. Follow this up with regular cleaning of both the inside and outside of the car and the smile will never leave your face.

It might seem like a minor element, but a clean car is a happy car. Do not underestimate just how important this can be.

Add Gadgets

Car technology has progressed at a rapid rate, especially when it comes to gadgets. Those items can make driving feel far more enjoyable. But sadly, it does mean that even five-year-old cars vehicles can feel out of date.

The easiest way to overcome this issue is to invest in modern essentials. Sat Navs, Bluetooth speakers and parking sensors can make driving more fun and less stressful. Meanwhile, in-car DVD players are a great tool for keeping young passengers entertained.

Those gadgets will leave your car feeling more futuristic. As a quick way of fighting the need for a new vehicle altogether, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Improve Your Safety Behind The Wheel

Not all gadgets have to actively add enjoyment or comfort to the car. Sometimes the best thing that a device can do is offer greater safety.

As a driver, you should already know not to drink or take drugs. In truth, though, tiredness can be an even greater threat. With an anti-sleep device, though, you’ll never have the threat of falling asleep at the wheel again. This one simple investment could potentially save your life and the lives of those around you.

This can be especially useful if you drive long distances for work. But even if you don’t, it’s a device that every driver can benefit from having.

Be Prepared For Life

For many people, cars are an integral part of everyday life. Whether it’s doing the school run or the commute to work, we use our motors on a daily basis. So it’s imperative that they are tailored to suit your needs. However, it isn’t only those general aspects that need to be catered.

Road trips, camping and holidays that involve driving have become very popular in recent years. Therefore, preparing your car for long journeys could be hugely beneficial. After all, when used effectively, the car can open up a world of new opportunities. So let it.

Just remember to keep an emergency kit in the trunk at all times too.

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Get A New Paint Job

Appearances count for everything in this world, and our eyes have a telling influence on our feelings towards certain items. Cars are certainly affected by this phenomenon. If your car has left you feeling blue, it might be time to paint it a new colour.

Of course, this isn’t a job you should take on yourself. Calling a professional is the only solution. Whether it’s freshening up the current look or giving it a new one altogether doesn’t matter. This could be your secret weapon to rediscovering your love of the vehicle.

Compared to buying a new motor, it has to make great financial sense.

Improve The Handling

Bringing the car into the modern age and making aesthetic improvements will help. But there’s no substitute for a car that handles well. Quite frankly, if you want to enjoy your time behind the wheel, upgrading this factor is a must.

Installing a better sway bar will bring an instant improvement. This will improve turning while retaining great safety on the road. If your car doesn’t already boast this part, then it should be top of your agenda over the coming months.

Let’s face it, a car that handles better will be more enjoyable to ride. When driving is fun, your relationship with the car can only shoot through the roof too.

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