Top 10 Essential Apps That Help You While Traveling

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 7:01am by Katleen Brown

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When traveling to unknown destinations, there is always a certain kind of curiosity that might make you not enjoy your journey. You would also love to visit as many destinations as possible to attain satisfaction. For these and many more reasons, travel apps are becoming a necessity and more of these apps are being developed every day. The following are the most essential ones that you cannot do without when you are on the road, be it business or leisure travel.

Google maps – This is the most common travel apps and has proved to be the best over time. It gives you directions to your destination and the distance you will need to cover. This app is not only used in foreign countries but also at home. It comes in handy during nature trails and hiking especially when tracing the way back.

Travel list – Packing for a travel has always been a headache since most people tend to forget some necessities. With this app, that will not be a problem anymore since it allows you to enter your destination and purpose for your travel before producing a list of items you will need to carry. It comes with check-boxes such that you check as you pack.

Gas buddy – This app is currently being used only in Canada and America but there are plans to make it available in other areas as well. It helps you locate the nearest gas station and gives you the rates such that you can go for the cheapest or the nearest if it is an emergency. It also gives you a chance to win cash prizes by sharing gas prices with other members of the community. When it comes to wearable gadgets design, they are awesome this year in particular, and who knows what’s coming next.

Google translate – With Google translate, you can easily feel comfortable in a foreign country where they speak a foreign language. It is easy to look up the most common phrases such as what to say when asking for direction. This will save you the trouble of moving around with a translator. There are over 50 languages that can be translated using this app. It is available at no cost for both iPhones and Android devices.

Jet lag calculator – This app allows you to enter you country of origin and your destination and uses this information to adjust the time zone. It provides you with a sleeping pattern that will help you avoid the effects of jet lag. The jet lag calculator displays the optimal time that you will need to sleep, that is according to the time zone in your host country.

Seat Alerts – The available seats on a plane are not usually the most comfortable as most people tend to avoid middle row seats. The seat alerts app monitors the available seats and alerts you in case there is a better option by the time the flight is departing. With the help of the crew, you can be able to change seats and get yourself more comfortable.

Flight track pro – This app allows you to monitor your flight such that you do not need to make inquiries from the customer care desk at the airport. You will be able to know the accurate timings for the flight, get a prior notification in case of a cancellation and be informed of any delays.

Kayak – Kayak gives you a chance to compare different travel sites from your Smartphone and pick the best. With this app, you can be able to compare hotel deals, flights, on land transport options and so on. Besides comparing you can be able to book accommodation and track the status of your flight. It has so many options to choose from such that you are assured of getting the best deal.

Gate guru – This app helps you organize your travel plans by giving you access to the nearest terminals. It is a necessity when traveling to a totally new place since it saves you the trouble of having to ask for directions each now and then. All you need to do is enter where you are going and it will direct you to the nearest airport.

Mint – This is a budgeting app that allows you to plan your finances while on the road. It helps you live within your means and avoid overspending. Most people get over excited when they are on leisure travels and some even get stuck in the countries they are visiting forcing their families back home to bail them out. This problem is now sorted since all you will need to do is download the app for free in your Android or Apple device. It shows what is in your account against your expenditure and alerts you when you are running out of cash.


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