Randolph Divisions Files Lawsuit Against Apple Over Trademark Infringement

Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 5:46pm by Editorial Staff


According to a report on The Next Web, the company behind the HearPod digital hearing aid, Randolph Divisions has sued Apple over the trademark infringement. Randolph Divisions has filed the lawsuit against the Cupertino-based giant last week in the Hawaii District Court in Honolulu.

Randolph Divisions registered the trademark “HearPod” successfully back in later 2007, result of which it holds the complete rights to use the name in any way it wants to. Pointing towards Apple, the company says that Apple alleges infringes on its registered trademark with its EarPods line of earbuds.

Interestingly, Apple does own the US trademarks for both “EarPods” and “Apple EarPods,” but what if noticed as per The Domains pointed out that Apple not able to secure the either of domain names Earpods.com and Earpod.com.

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