Print Marketing And Your Brand: Creating An Iron-Clad Consumer Culture

Posted on Jul 20 2016 - 7:16am by Editorial Staff

Print Marketing

Many consumers are not as keen on change as marketers sometimes envisage, which is many of still like to read content printed on paper, despite the availability of a digital option that you can scroll through.

Print marketing is made easier when you have equipment like a stamp affixer to help you get your mailings out on time, and there is every reason to suggest that if you want to create an iron-clad consumer culture, you can’t just rely on digital marketing methods.

Improving brand awareness

Achieving a high level of brand awareness is pre marketing gold in many respects, as it establishes an element of consumer trust and confidence that can prove very valuable, and profitable.

It might be fair to say that with such relentless growth in companies looking to concentrate their efforts on establishing an online presence, this has created a perception that traditional print media might not be the force it once was.

If you want to improve your brand awareness, it is important that you don’t follow this line of thinking too, as print advertising is still a proven weapon in your attempts to establish your brand with consumers.

Getting your message read

Having an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can definitely help to build awareness of your brand and help with a marketing campaign, but if you want the best chance of getting your message read, direct mailing campaigns can still claim to be one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

Some marketing surveys and estimates suggest that the number of consumers who said that they will read a direct mailing sent to them, is over 75%. That is a big number and when you consider that close to 40% of those consumers, would then visit or contact your business as a result of this contact, you can quickly see how powerful direct mail still is.

What may surprise you even more, is the fact that despite being brought up in a digital age, the vast majority of younger people seem to prefer receiving direct mail over digital advertising.

PURLS and QR Codes work

If you are looking for a prime example of how you can combine traditional marketing with digital marketing methods to create a successful and effective fusion, personalized URLs and QR Codes should be on your radar.

So many people have a smartphone these days, so it makes perfect sense to send out direct mailings and print adverts that contain a QR code for example. This is the perfect call to action as it allows you to use two different methods and technologies in a way that makes a lot of sense.

PURLs are also very useful in not just providing you with the chance to create a truly customized landing page for maximum effect, but also as a way of obtaining some valuable demographic and consumer response data.

If you continue to use print marketing as part of your strategy, there is every reason to expect this approach to deliver positive results.

Spencer Douglas is a marketing account manager with a background in design. Having worked extensively with both print and digital marketing he shares his knowledge of both with his online audience.

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