Out Of Season: How To Grab A Deal By Buying Items At The ‘Wrong’ Time Of Year

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 9:43am by Kinga


Saving money at the retail store isn’t just about clipping coupons and comparing prices through your mobile phone; timing is also a crucial factor. Think about it this way: businesses seek to make the most profit, and they do this by charging higher prices when demand for certain products is at its peak.

Of course, some people will never buy anything unless they can get it at a bargain price; others simply buy whatever they need at the moment regardless of the price tag. If you belong to the former, then part of your buying strategy should definitely involve purchasing items when they are out of season.

Some Items to Buy Out of Season

Have you ever stopped by a store a day or two after Christmas? Most items like cards and gift wrap are sold at a fraction of their retail price because the demand for them has come and gone. Of course, you are going to need such items again next year, so why not buy them now as opposed to waiting for next year when prices will be sky high once again?

The same principle holds true for furniture and other home furnishing items. The following are some examples of products that should be purchased during certain months for generous savings:

  • Television Sets – The top television manufacturers are based in Japan, and the Japanese fiscal year ends in March, which means that some of the leading brands will be unloading their old inventory in April and May. During these months, you can find deals comparable to those of Black Friday.
  • Refrigerators – New refrigerator models are normally released in May, which means that home improvement stores will be discounting the current inventory to make room for the new ones. You can find discounts of up to 50% off normal retail.
  • Carpeting and Flooring – January is a good time to buy carpet, laminate, and hardwood flooring as demands normally peak during October and November when homeowners renovate their homes right in time for the holiday seasons. By January the prices drop substantially since demands are down.
  • Patio Furniture – Outdoor furniture is used far less in the days leading up to winter, prompting sales of such outdoor goods to also drastically decline. Big box stores will need to drop prices in order to get rid of furniture that still hasn’t been sold.

Heaters and Fireplaces

This one deserves a whole section of its own. Obviously, heaters and fireplaces should be purchased in the summer months since prices will greatly increase by winter right when people will be using them to fend off the cold. Most heater systems, both indoor and outdoor models, also make great décor accessories, so they play a valuable role for home aesthetics even when not in use. Furthermore, the presence of a fireplace creates a whole new environment from which additional decorations and small renovations can be made. Many homeowners, in fact, incorporate the fireplace into their summer design as the mantel provides a great decorating scheme for placing summer plants and flowers.

Buy out of Season and Save

By avoiding the “need it now” mentality, you can find some huge savings. Sure, you may not need the item at the moment and may even need to find a place to store it for the meantime, but there is no need to be part of the crowd that buys the items right at the moment when they are in demand and end up paying far more than necessary.

About the Author

This guest post was written by Kinga, who is working for Cognitive Group a Microsoft Dynamics AX recruitment agency in the UK.