Awe-Inspiring Solomon Islands – An Adventure To Happiness!

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 9:36am by Samantha Grayson

Solomon Islands

Where is it? The republic of the Solomon Islands is located to the east of Papua New Guinea and is comprised of hundreds of islands. The beautiful islands can be reached through the Solomon Airlines. The tourists can visit the Honiara (capital of the Solomon Islands) Domestic Airport by taking a taxi or a shuttle bus service.

The Solomon Islands are famed for its colorful marine life, secluded environment and lush-green landscape. However, it is the underwater diving in Solomon Islands that steals the show. If you ask why, the answer is you have to visit the island, indulge in this enthralling adventure activity and feel the adrenaline rush flowing in your veins. Only the scuba diver knows that nothing else can come closer to match what the stunning nature has to show. Beneath the emerald-blue facade of seemingly silent Pacific Ocean, there is a world waiting to be discovered.

Why go? The tourists must visit for the exciting adventure activities, lip-smacking food and world war wrecks. The mighty reservoirs of water in the Solomon hold more than just salt. And one is marine life, varying in innumerable shades of different colors. This experience is then followed by another; the population of sea animals is enormous. In addition, the huge expanse of marine plants underneath also prods the diver to cover the area as much as possible within human limits. The World War II wrecks from the battle between America and Japan also contribute to it. They can still be seen with a scuba diving instructor and a suitable set of diving gears.

Scuba diving has brought the Solomon Islands on the world map. Divers, World War historians and marine researchers aspire to be a part of any trip to its various diving sites. Other tourism opportunities have found scope in the Solomon Islands only after scuba diving adventure got its due place. Those who come for a dive surely do no miss on distinctive seafood junctions, hiking and camping adventure trips, birding, cruising, water sports, etc, popularizing the place. No surprise that scuba diving is the main source of bread and butter for the citizens, contributing majorly in the development of the economy.

Extra info, hints and tips: Foreigners are not even allowed to enter in some of the islands, a prohibition respected unquestionably. You will be very surprised to know, but yes, giving tips to the waiters in the hotels or restaurants is strictly prohibited in the magnificent Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands- Making better acquaintance

Good climate, unique culture, verdant landscape and world class accommodation facilities are enough to lure tourists who are in search of novelty. The flights can be taken from Brisbane, Australia to Henderson (Honiara) International Airport, around 11 Km away from the capital city of Honiara in the island of Guadalcanal. They tour newer places and islands and come back to Honiara with sundown; a routine they follow without fail.

While holidaying in Honiara, scuba diving can be practiced at war wrecks sites like Bonege I & II Beaches, Morovo Lagoon, Gizo, Uepi, Malaita, Simbo and more, for which Honiara serves as a gateway. Not to mention, why Honiara attracts scuba divers from every corner of the world.

Major Tourist Attractions in the Solomon Islands

The tourist can get to see many splendid destinations in the Solomon Islands that captivate the attention and provide long-lasting wonderful memories. Some of the tourist destinations that are worth a visit are as follows:

  • National Museum
  • Marovo Lagoon, Marovo
  • Historical War Memorials
  • China Town
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Vonavona Skull Island
  • Shark Point
  • Mushroom Island
  • Tetepare Rainforest

Accommodation in the Solomon

If you have any iota of doubt about the accommodation facilities in the Solomon Islands, then you must put all your worries or stress to rest. This is because there are many hotels and resorts in the island that provide the best services and amenities that surpass the expectations of the visitors. The prominent facilities provided by the hotels are as follows:

  • Round the clock room service
  • Spacious rooms
  • Air conditioner
  • Television
  • Wireless Broadband Internet connection
  • Refrigerator
  • Laundry services
  • Car parking

Therefore, it is crystal-clear that the incredible Solomon Islands are one of the best getaways in the world that not only a great enjoyment to the people, but also rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

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