Microsoft Invests In Klout An Undisclosed Size, Integrating Data Into Bing

Posted on Sep 28 2012 - 6:17am by Editorial Staff

Turning the things out into reality, the software giant Microsoft announced on its Bing Community Blog that it is making a “strategic investment” of an undisclosed size in Klout, the social media vendor. Microsoft soon to be seen displaying Klout data on Bing, including a person’s Klout score and topics they found “influential” on the site. While on Klout, it “highlights from Bing will begin surfacing in the ‘moments’ section of some people’s Klout profile.”

Not and nothing new, Microsoft keep on doing the same act since from quite long time these days, in order to give a big edge to its rivals search engines. Microsoft’s partnership with service like Klout is not like a fresh new thing, the same way the company does it with Quora and foursquare. But, now all have to see how far or how best the reaction and result this partnership brings results for both the companies.

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